Master Data Management

International companies are often faced with uncertainty regarding the accuracy of management reports and operational transactions, and are struggling to cope with high volumes of data. Capgemini’s Master Data Management (MDM) initiative is a response to this growing need for information solutions that effectively manage large data volumes, produce accurate data and link businesses’ and customers’ information.

Targeting the full lifecycle of Master Data Management services

Our portfolio of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions covers advisory, implementation and operation. Working from a business-driven perspective, we address the three distinct business challenges of MDM to provide:

  • Supply-centric MDM: reduce costs within the supply chain
  • Enterprise-centric MDM: drive organizational efficiency and consistency within your organization
  • Customer-centric MDM: increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction and interaction

At Capgemini, we have long recognized that MDM’s benefits exist in both the analytical and operational spaces. Our Insights & Data model approach to MDM helps us create solutions that drive business improvement in both real-time and analytical environments. Working with our technology partners and leveraging our long-term leadership in SOA, we ensure that MDM not only improves information but is also able to deliver the maximum benefit by improving enterprise operations.

Find out more about Capgemini’s Master Data Management solutions for Manufacturing and Automotive. With our Asset Information Management offer, you can implement a reference architecture that provides a single source of asset data from which to report, analyze and predict.

Capgemini’s business-centric approach to MDM helps you reduce the effort required in technical delivery. Through collaboration, we leverage our proven MDM solutions to target your company’s key operational challenges.

Throughout the process, we draw on our Collaborative Business ExperienceTM approach, backed by our Rightshore® MDM Center of Excellence. This approach guarantees high-quality solutions that maximize the return-on-investment while minimizing the time needed to see its value.

A history of business leadership in Master Data Management

Capgemini has over 15 years of experience using MDM to give our clients a sustained competitive edge. Our 1,000 MDM specialists are engaged throughout the entire MDM lifecycle, enabling us to deliver the simplest and most effective solution to your master data challenges.

Our ability to deliver operational benefits is underpinned by our extensive experience in MDM Business Process Outsourcing. For years, we have employed our Global Process Model’s business area-specific MDM processes to target challenges and deliver the business benefits that MDM promises.


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