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Mapping the journey to Net-Zero

Net-Zero. Two words being spoken with increasing frequency. But what does Net-Zero mean in reality?

Find out in our podcast as we debate how it will impact business and IT strategies in the coming months and years.

The push to climate neutrality in the corporate world is now ‘unstoppable’. That’s the belief shared by Ann Mettler and Florent Andrillon with show host Molly Hall in this episode of the Future Sight podcast.

Big business has climbed aboard the Net-Zero train. Whether it’s due to the impact on balance sheets, pressure from clients and customers, or a true environmental stance, sustainability is increasingly part and parcel of the 21st century business model.

The corporate world cannot tackle climate change alone, however. The public sector and government are part of the solution. Research and innovation must be front and center of every decision. Strategies for rapidly commercializing new clean technologies need to be brought into play.

It’s a tough ask. But Ann and Florent are clear: the clean tech revolution offers an opportunity to create new markets, be a first mover, and do what’s right for our planet. Together, they offer insight into some game-changing tech projects on the horizon.

From transparency, through honest reporting, to investing where it matters most, tune in to our podcast to find why we’re unleashing everything we’ve got to make Net-Zero happen.

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