Significantly reduce tax evasion as well as welfare fraud and error, while reducing the burden on honest citizens and improving productivity. Trouve can deliver these results in record time.

Transform Your Tax and Welfare Agency through Digital

Today’s tax and welfare agencies are increasingly facing new and sophisticated methods of tax evasion and welfare fraud. Through advanced digital technology and analytics, these agencies can confront their challenges head on with the help of:

  • A more complete picture of the taxpayer or claimant
  • The ability to build more sophisticated risk factors/models, which pinpoint high risk cases
  • The ability to risk and intervene as part of the core processing value chain, preventing fraudulent payments or acting much more quickly to recover the money

Achieve a Step Change in Tax and Welfare Compliance

Powered by SAS, Trouve monitors tax and welfare transactions to identify suspicious activity and automatically alerts investigators if further inquiry is required. This solution, combining business and IT change is designed to:

  • Create personalized campaigns to encourage compliance
  • Deliver real-time risk analysis and interventions during the customer interaction
  • Secure online channels
  • Improve post-event compliance risking & interventions
  • Reduce the debt book
  • Help detect internal fraud and collusion

Join the Digital Revolution Today

We are the largest global systems integrator in tax and welfare in the world, and have worked with 28 administrations to design new capabilities:

  • Capgemini supported UK Tax Agency (HMRC) to design, build and deploy their strategic risking tool – Connect. In the pilot phase, Connect helped HMRC to prevent £330 million fraudulent VAT repayments. In total HMRC has recovered £2.0bn additional tax yield to date, through the use of Connect.
  • We supported Toeslagen, part of the Tax and Customs Administration of the Dutch Ministry of Finance, to implement new processes and IT systems for claimants to easily declare circumstance changes



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