Assurance Scoring

Capgemini’s Assurance Scoring helps organizations segment customers for automated processing or further checks. Using a combination of advanced analytics techniques, it improves the way a range of applications are assessed and processed.

There is no such thing as “zero risk”

Growing volumes of digital data increase organizations exposure to fraudulent applications for a wide range of products and services – from visas, licenses and welfare claims, to credit cards and mortgages. With changes in people’s behavioral patterns and a variety of external events, it is particularly important for organizations to cost effectively segment high-risk and low-risk customers.

Focus only on investigating potential non-compliances

Our Assurance Scoring combines different data sources using advanced data-matching technologies, and then applies analytics techniques to derive insights, helping improve services for customers, and deploys specialist staff more effectively.

Assurance Scoring will enable you to:

  • Provide better assurance, faster in a way that is not possible with older technologies
  • Better identify potential non-compliance before applications are processed, which reduces the number of future investigations
  • Quickly and efficiently automate processing of straightforward applications, which is quick and efficient
  • Allocate resource for manual checks when potential error or criminal activity is identified
  • Help tailor online and offline interactions, such as “nudge” techniques to encourage compliance, or additional questions in an application process to check queries in real-time.

Analytical insights that reduce your efforts assessing low-risk applications

Our expertise in designing technology platforms for some of the world’s largest private sector organizations and government departments, ensure that we are well-placed to help. We can offer expert advice to help select the best mix of tools for your organization, considering the pros and cons of both open source and commercial providers. If you want to get up and running quickly, Capgemini also has an Assurance Scoring platform that can be tailored to manage data flows for a myriad of different requirement.

Write to us at to see how our Assurance Scoring can help in better, faster, lower cost customer service and protect against against fraudulent activity.



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