Smart Factory

The next generation of factories will be hyper connected, smart, autonomous and sustainable. They will also be characterized by high adaptability and optimal resource utilization.

Digital technologies allow traditional systems to become smart and change the way they work. The foundation of any change to a manufacturing environment driven by Industry 4.0 thinking will be contextualized by data and connectivity.

Connected equipment across plants and enterprises and the use of better, more reliable and larger volumes of data to revolutionize manufacturing are key to achieve manufacturing transformation at scale.

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What we do

We help clients define their Industry 4.0 strategy, architecture and roadmap, assess and benchmark the digital maturity and connectivity of sites to generate a multi-year innovation journey that can be accelerated through greenfield projects designed for worldwide replication at scale.

We define and deploy the key functional elements that are the backbone of the operations execution, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), SCADA, Historian, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), etcetera.

We define and create the architecture required to leverage the full potential of digital technologies in operations, based on IoT technologies and with a vertical integration from the shop floor to the Cloud.

We help clients to identify the key use cases, develop applications and deploy these at scale across the company. This includes simulation, augmented operator, OEE and line status tracking, etcetera.

We leverage Analytics & AI to optimize the manufacturing operations as a whole system (Control Tower, predictive scheduling, spares parts pooling, Predictive Maintenance & Predictive quality etcetera.

Meet our experts

Christophe Vidal

VP, Head of Business Development for Digital Engineering Services

Pierre Bagnon

Vice President, Global Head of Intelligent Industry Accelerator, Capgemini Invent
Pierre is Head of Capgemini Intelligent Industry. As an Industry 4.0 expert, he focuses on the digital and sustainable transformation of the industry, including intelligent operations, intelligent product and services, and digital continuity, notably for the automotive, industrial goods, consumer goods, and life sciences sectors. In addition, he leads the Capgemini Gigafactory practice. Prior to Capgemini, Pierre served as an executive at Bosch.