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Intelligent Products and Systems Engineering for MedTech

Unlock the next level of performance and efficiency.

Enhance your product innovation and strategy with a unique and powerful set of MedTech solutions.

Experience counts. More than 35 years developing and deploying MedTech devices have given us the insight to target specific needs while maintaining the big-picture view that ensures seamless compatibility across functions. With a focus on customer experience and time-to-care, we empower healthcare innovators to create, develop, and launch the next generation of intelligent products and services.

What we do

As innovators know well, the success of a new product depends on more than its intrinsic merit – outside forces have profound effects on promising technologies. We provide insight into competitors, patients and relevant institutions to help ensure that in a fast-changing market, your innovation will have every advantage. 

We conduct: 

– Market research 
– Usability studies 
– Competitor benchmarking 
– Product, technology blueprinting 
– Product/product line architecture strategy 
– Product migration strategy 
– Proof of concept development 

Product innovation and strategy is about more than getting answers: it’s about asking the right questions. Our experience in the MedTech field enables us to focus on the information that matters most.

Design for success and gain the maximum value from your innovation.

Many new technologies sink or swim based on factors outside of the core function – ease of use, compatibility and adaptability among them. We help translate your insights into products with maximum utility. 

With decades of experience in this space, we help you anticipate challenges and capitalize on opportunities through:

– Concept design, feasibility studies 
– Industrial design, UX design 
– Systems engineering – MBSE implementation 
– Design analysis – signal integrity, CAE, FEA 
– Data and analytics 

The result is a faster time to market and a greater chance that your innovation will end up changing lives. 

Maximizing the lifespan of an innovation begins in the design phase, where foresight and careful planning can build adaptability into the core of your product.

Once on the market, consistent intervention can keep your technology relevant, long past the point where a hastily designed product would have run its course. 
We help you extend your product’s life cycle in multiple ways, including: 

– Value engineering 
– Obsolescence management 
– Reliability engineering – design improvements 
– Feature enhancement 
– Performance enhancement 

The resources necessary to extend a product’s life pale in comparison to the costs of development.

Your innovations have the potential to bring lasting value. Contact our MedTech experts, and let’s make that happen.

Meet our experts

Abhishek Khandelwal

Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services, Capgemini Engineering

Atul Kurani

Vice President, Head of Medical and IoT business, Capgemini Engineering