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Intelligent Customer Operations ICO Powered by Amazon Connect
Intelligent Business Operations

Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect

Drive frictionless, omnichannel customer experiences with Amazon Connect

Drive frictionless customer interactions across the AWS ecosystem

Capgemini’s Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect solution leverages enterprise-grade contact center capabilities, security, governance, and operational policies with the breadth, depth, and reliability of Amazon Web Services – putting the customer at the center of your business to deliver seamless and connected digital experiences.

Our next-generation contact center service solution provides a digitally augmented yet human-centric experience through a persona-led service design that integrates humans and technology to drive more meaningful, emotive, and frictionless customer relationships with your clients and partners across your entire customer ecosystem and portfolio, to deliver:

  • 15% shortened average handle time
  • 20% reduction in overall supervisor efforts
  • 24% reduction in call volume routing
  • 31% reduction in subscription and usage costs
  • 60% reduction in overall system administrator efforts