Servitization with SAP

Many manufacturing companies are embracing Servitization and ‘as-a-Service’ offerings for their competitive advantage. Servitized businesses neatly package customized product-service combinations that adapt to the specific needs of each client – at a price that optimizes value for the customer.

In this live webinar, we break down real-life servitization cases from initial trigger to the transition, challenges and lessons learned. Get answers to:

  • What new business models is servitization bringing up?
  • How to make the case for servitized offerings?
  • What are the drivers of servitization and how to make the transition?
  • How to improve the organization’s servitization capabilities with SAP?

Joining us in conversation:

Ian Machan
Ian Machan
(SAP servitization) from the Advanced Services Group, the leading academic authority on servitization.

Ian has 35 years plus experience in leading change in Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain businesses as both consultant, leader and interim executive.

He has worked extensively in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sector including exposure to FDA and MHRA audits in executive roles. Experienced in most phases of product development from first in human trials through to commercial manufacture.

Mike Curl
Mike Curl
(SAP Advisor) from Capgemini, a technology leader and SAP expert who has worked in IT consulting and advisory for all of his professional life and with a wealth of technical, industry and commercial experience. In his role at Capgemini, he helps clients move to SAP S/4HANA using Capgemini’s Renewable Enterprise framework. Usually involved at the start of the journey he works on business cases, assessments and roadmap activities.

Kirsi Parviainen
Kirsi Parviainen
(Head of SAP/Capgemini Finland), leads the Package Based Solutions Unit at Capgemini Finland. Packaged Based Solutions Unit consists of our SAP consultants and architects as well as our Insights & Data people.

Substantial streams of incremental revenue await businesses that learn to master the balance between product and service in one attractively packaged offering.

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Event details

October 13, 2021 3:00 pm