Applied Innovation Exchange Framework

The AIE Framework adds structure to the innovation process and helps instruct people on how to apply the latest methodologies and tools

Are You Ready to Innovate Effectively?

Many organizations are not designed to innovate effectively or fast. They lack the necessary processes, talent, risk tolerance and leadership alignment, as well as a culture that encourages, rewards and promotes innovation. In an innovation landscape that is increasingly leveraging emerging technologies, a rigorous, disciplined and open approach is required to rapidly and securely gain competitive advantage by hedging risks and compressing cycle times. The AIE’s tried-and-tested framework provides the necessary discipline and rigor to the applied innovation process.

Leverage a Rigorous Framework

The end-to-end applied innovation framework advances our clients’ digital innovation and helps their organizations to accelerate digital proficiency. The Applied Innovation Framework – which enables clients to “discover, devise, deploy and sustain” new ideas, insights, solutions and value – leverages the latest tool suites and methods, accelerators and design thinking, all underpinned by a robust governance model.

Discover the AIE Framework Difference

The AIE framework is utilized for the development, management and transformation of innovation. By bringing together a broad community of designers, technologists, sector experts, business and technology partners, academics, research organizations and start-ups, AIE provides the opportunity for you to investigate, contextualize and understand the most relevant innovations for your business. The AIE helps you to realize the value of business innovation at speed and scale, securely and sustainably using our proven AIE Framework.

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