Using Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Outpace the Competition

How does a company in the discrete manufacturing industry, producing highly specified products with a quick turnaround protect itself from new entrants to the market, or indeed from newly-transformed larger rivals?

It’s a simple choice—become a more agile animal in the world of digital and cloud or risk becoming extinct.

It’s all well and good to talk about becoming more nimble, but with the plethora of technologies, like IoT, AI, and Digital Twins and with the perception of what the supply chain actually is changing dramatically, it’s difficult to know where to start. Opportunity meets challenge can be overwhelming. So where to start?

Is it just about technology? No. If this were the case everybody would be using the same software, the same hardware. Is it just about people? No. You already have good people.

It’s about the right people applying the right technology and innovation to the right processes.

Follow Karlsson, an established and trusted manufacturer, as they embark on their journey to transformation. Join them on their adventures. What will the CEO and his board decide? And whom will they call on to help?

Click on the video below to see Episode 0 and how Karlsson embark on their digital transformation journey. Click on the tiles below to follow Karlsson in episodes 1,2 and 3.

Featured Expert

Frank Wammes

Vice President, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer Capgemini Europe. Member of the...


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