Personalized learning that drives value across your business

Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations (DLO) is part of our Digital Employee Operations portfolio—a set of services that provides a consumer grade employee experience for attracting, growing and retaining the talent you need to fuel business strategy in a world of fast-changing skills sets and competing global demand.

Our Digital Learning Operations offering is a comprehensive learning suite of small, quick-to-activate learning platforms and integrated service management that delivers business value.

Digital Learning Operations delivers extraordinary value to your business, including:

  • Up to 50% efficiencies in learning operations.
  • Up to 40% savings in your cost to serve.
  • Up to 40% costs savings through implementing an optimized learning vendor provider strategy.
  • An improved employer brand reputation that attracts, engages and retains talented employees through learning investments.
  • A more competitive, reskilled business workforce that can rapidly respond to shifting market forces.