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Data meshes and Knowledge graphs

Webinar on demand

How you can add the human way of understanding data better.

Data Mesh, Knowledge Graphs and Semantics – Are you curious at looking deeper into what everyone is talking about? What these terms really mean? How you can connect and understand the relationship between your data better, with human logic, and get more confidence in your decisions?

Many organizations experience inability to understand the connectedness of data, it´s quality, history and the business rules associated with different digital footprints. This creates problems and distrust in the data. With new intelligence it is possible to ask questions of the data that was earlier impossible to answer.

Welcome to join our on-demand webinar where Capgemini expert – Robert Engels explains the different concepts and introduces you to an exciting world of new knowledge filled with possibilities for future data usage.

Watch the on-demand webinar here.

About the speaker:

Robert Engels – Vice President and CTO for I&D Europe with the additional responsibility for a cross practice Center of Excellence on AI for the Nordics, at Capgemini.

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