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Client story

LP Building Solutions delivers a better employee experience

Client: LP Building Solutions
Region: North America
Industry: Manufacturing

New processes built on SAP SuccessFactors support employee retention and satisfaction

Client Challenges: LP Building Solutions wanted to leverage its IT transformation to update the HR system and move away from existing manual and paper-based recruiting and onboarding processes.

Solution: Working with Capgemini, LP Building Solutions implemented SAP SuccessFactors to deliver a better employee experience.

-Managers have access and visibility into employee training as well as employment information
-Management can access information on compensation and analytical reports
-Moved HR employees out of the transaction business and into more value-added work
-Helps retain employees by identifying training gaps, providing succession plans, and providing continuous performance plans

Builders and homeowners across America trust LP Building Solutions engineered wood products to create quality homes. Founded in 1973, LP is a proven leader in high-performance building and manufacturing uniquely engineered, innovative products that meet the demands of the building industry.

LP has transformed its IT environment over the last two years to be more agile and scalable and help it take advantage of the growing market. The backbone of this transformation is a cloud-based SAP environment that is positively impacting operations and lowering costs.

Shaping a new employee experience

With more than 4,900 employees, Human Resources was an integral part of the continuing technology investment. With an SAP environment in place, LP wanted to move away from its existing manual and paper-based recruiting and onboarding processes to deliver a better employee experience.

The HR transformation started with areas in the greatest need of attention – learning, recruiting, and onboarding. LP worked with Capgemini, its longstanding technology partner, to select SAP SuccessFactors as the right choice for its priorities. SuccessFactors integrated well with the existing SAP environment and offered the capability to grow and improve over time.

Transforming to be more user-friendly

“The onboarding experience is our opportunity to make a first impression, and it needs to be a positive one,” says Jeff Yelle, IT Director, LP Center of Excellence. “The employees coming into the company now are very familiar with technology and tools and their expectation is their employer has the same level of technology and tools to support them.”

LP started implementing SuccessFactors in 2017 with a focus on the first three modules. A year later, it added performance and goals, continuous performance management, compensation and variable pay, and employee-central modules.

“Employees are seeing the positive impacts,” explains Yelle. “Managers and HR people have multiple touch points within the application, but even our employees on the shop floor interact with the system. With the self-serve options, employees can get HR information when it is convenient for them, without having to make a request.”

Managers have access and visibility into employee training as well as employment information. The system also provides management with information on compensation, with the goal to move to more analytical reports as modules continue to be added.

“We expect that SuccessFactors is going to help us retain employees by helping identify training gaps, providing them with succession plans, and helping to work on a continuous performance plan so they can continue to work with us and deliver the most value for LP,” explains Yelle.

Building a foundation for the future

This change helped LP establish a new platform on which to build HR systems. LP is now aligning some processes within its Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and a payroll system that should drive additional efficiencies by eliminating more manual work. The company wants to move HR employees out of the transaction business and into more value-added work.

By establishing a strong foundation, LP can continue to invest in upgraded systems in order to work on people, processes, and technology and improve the employee experience. These upgrades also include workforce analytics, succession, and development as well as recruiting marketing planned for 2019.

“This is part of a big transformation – a high-performance culture and organization, and that starts with our employees and the investment that we are making in them,” says Yelle. “Putting information and systems into their hands allows them to be the best they can be.”