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Data and AI

The biodiversity buzz – Protecting insect biodiversity through data and AI

The 2023 edition of the Global Data Science Challenge has just launched!

Insects are small but play a massive role in our global ecosystems. Their benefits are irreplaceable.

The loss – even of just a few species – is devastating. We can’t always see insects or hear their symphony. And with hundreds of thousands of species, they’re not easy to monitor and protect. But if we all play an active part, meaningful change can happen to keep the biodiversity buzz alive.

This year, in #GDSC6 we will use Data and AI to help improve accuracy in the identification and monitoring of insects through sound recognition. Can you hear the buzz?

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Our people make a meaningful difference

The Capgemini Global Data Science Challenge is an opportunity for experienced professionals to mentor the next generation, and those embarking on their career get a chance to learn how to run a data-science project by working on an actual AI use case and an excellent professional networking opportunity.

Above all, it’s a chance for our people to make a meaningful difference to the world in which we live.

About the challenge

The GDSC is Capgemini’s flagship hackathon. We identify a challenge to the sustainable future of the planet and then create teams to develop a solution using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other state-of-the-art data-science tools.

The GDSC is our global, purpose-driven hackathon and training that runs annually over multiple weeks and reaches thousands of participants each year. Throughout the challenge, participants:

• Work on an actual data science/AI use case
• Learn how to develop, improve and interpret several machine learning algorithms
• Learn how to run a data science project on AWS
• Form a team, build their own solution, and compete against other participants
• Provide results to the client/NGO for real-life implementation

These hackathons bring together the skills of experienced data scientists – professionals within our organization, as well as colleagues at leading academic institutions and other partners – and enthusiastic, creative, up-and-coming talent. Together, they accomplish great things.

Harnessing the power of AI to create a sustainable and inclusive future 

Since 2016, the Capgemini Global Data Science Challenge (GDSC) for a Sustainable Future has inspired thousands of Capgemini talent to work on real-life use cases, while developing their skills in data and AI with the aim of providing amazing results for real-life implementation. 

When passion meets technology, real change is possible

Capgemini is a global leader in transforming client’s business with the power of technology. The Group is a responsible and diverse organization operating in over 50 countries, guided everyday by its purpose for an inclusive and sustainable future.

With its strong 55-year heritage and deep industry expertise, Capgemini has a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and is trusted by its clients to address the entire breadth of their business needs, fueled by the fast evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, and digital engineering. 

As a global leader in Data & AI, Capgemini has the responsibility & commitment to address the challenges they are facing – for their people, society, & our planet. Capgemini Global Data Science Challenge for a sustainable future (GDSC) hackathon that draws on our purpose & offers the chance to use data & AI for good, while developing & testing new skills, partnering with NGOs, namely: 2020, Whale Watch Azores & Happywhale, researchers that study and protect whales 2021, the Lofoten-Vesterålen Ocean Observatory, ocean research institute, Norway 2022, the University Hospital Bonn, Germany.