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Enterprise management

Enterprise Low-Code: Your lever for business acceleration and application modernization

Digital transformation is enabling businesses to thrive in highly disruptive environments. This means there’s an increasing pressure to bring value-added products to market faster, to become more product centric, and to achieve success through multi-disciplinary teams. Now is the time to make enterprise low-code your first choice. 

Enterprise low-code is an approach to maximize business value by the composition of low-code and pro-code into fusion apps through a framework of governance, architecture, security, compliance, and platform operations. 

The ascendency of low-code has been rapid, but its true impact is not yet fully appreciated or fully utilized. Yet, the power of Enterprise low-code continues to accelerate as businesses recognize that it can do a whole lot more than create small productivity apps. In fact, it can transform your enterprise, revolutionizing capabilities, behaviors, expectations, and aspirations across the wider commercial landscape. 

If you already have some experience of low-code and want to unleash its full potential, this paper is for you. If you think low-code apps are only good for simple solutions, this paper might change your mind. If you’re interested in how to scale low-code in your enterprise, this paper gives you guidance. If you already believe low-code and pro-code are not competitors but best friends, this paper fully supports you! 

We’re excited by enterprise low-code, as we call it, and we believe in its huge potential – when it is done in the right way. 

Meet our experts

João Zorro

Application Modernization Offer Leader, Cloud and Custom Applications
Since joining Capgemini over ten years ago João has held several roles for the Group. Notably leading the UK Microsoft Application and Cloud engineering capability and the Dynamics 365 team. In his current role as Application Modernization Offer Leader for the Cloud & Custom Applications Global Business Line, João helps clients worldwide ensure they benefit from a modernized Application estate that delivers the highest business value possible for their organization.

Matthias Sondermann

CTO for Cloud and Custom Applications, Germany
Matthias is CTO for Cloud & Custom Applications in Germany. Coming from the pro-code side as a software developer and architect he is eager to leverage the technological benefits of all coding worlds to create fusion apps for maximum business value.

Nils-Frederik Priebe

Director, Low-Code Lead for Germany
In Germany, Nils is leading the C&CA Low-Code Team and is driving the go-to-market as part of it. His background is in 10 years of cloud & custom solution development in different roles along the software development lifecycle.

Nico Lindert

Lead Business Analyst, Cloud & Custom Applications, Germany
Nico is a dedicated Lead Business Analyst, an enterprise low-code expert and a key influencer in the growth of enterprise low-code initiatives for the Capgemini Group. His contributions include strategizing with the Center of Excellence Solutioning team, exploring the synergy between GenAI and enterprise low-code, and talent training.