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Enter a new reality with immersive experiences

Is the world ready for truly immersive customer experiences? Find out in our podcast.

Do you want superpowers? Would you like to escape the limitations of your everyday capabilities to see more and feel more? With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) anything is possible — or is it?

Join Anthony Pannozzo and Charles Yust from frog, part of Capgemini Invent, along with Jay Wright, CEO at Campfire, as they discuss the role of AR and VR in delivering an immersive customer experience with show host Ollie Judge.

Immersive experiences are contextually relevant, deeply personal personalized and multisensory experiences that are enabled by technologies, such as AR and VR. But just how ready for them are businesses and their customers today?

Our three experts look at several current use cases in the commercial, corporate and healthcare realms. They consider the barriers to adoption and argue that for businesses to expand their use of immersive technologies, they should begin with the end user need and not the tech itself. What customer pain will introducing AR into the shopping experience alleviate? How can training be improved with immersive technology? Who is improving productivity across a distributed workforce with holographic collaboration?

Tune in to our podcast for an in-depth analysis of where immersive technologies are today and where they might take us tomorrow.

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