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Demystifying Fab and process migration

Alternatives for chip suppliers to recover from today’s chip shortage

As the world continues to exit the COVID-19 pandemic, severe chip shortages impact production lines across vertical industries. In late 2020, the shortage was felt first in the automotive industry, but today logistical disruptions have spread from staple food commodities to hardware essentials.

The semiconductor industry supplying chips faces a unique set of alternatives on the road to replenishing in-demand inventories quickly. From adapting chip designs, to migrating process nodes, to selecting an alternative fab, every choice brings solutions and risks. This webinar takes a closer look at the challenges, options, and tradeoffs faced by semiconductor companies – both fabless and IDMs – as each navigates a shortage now predicted to last through 2022.

In this webinar, we discuss different approaches for getting through the shortage with minimal impact to the bottom line and briefly touch on measures both the semiconductor industry and governments are taking to prevent similar shortages in the future.


Scott Runner

Head of the Intelligent Embedded Systems COE at Capgemini Engineering
Head of the Intelligent Embedded Systems Center of Excellence at Capgemini Engineering, Scott Runner leads the team responsible for solutioning, designing, and delivering semiconductor engineering solutions and intelligent embedded systems and products for companies across a wide range of industries.

Yatin Trivedi

Associate Vice President for Semiconductor Design Services at Capgemini Engineering

    This article and accompanying webinar were first published on the Capgemini Engineering website in July 2021.