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Digital workplace

Are you sure you understand employee experience?

How to measure employee experience to bridge the digital dexterity gap

Do you have a mechanism in place to measure Employee Experience? Do you know what your employees’ value to be more productive? What motivates them to adopt new technologies at workplace?

 “We’re measuring employee experience, but our digital dexterity gap is only getting wider”

This is a predicament faced by most organizations today. In our experience, either organizations are just measuring only a part of employee experience or don’t have the empirical data that links employee perception with business KPIs.

Capgemini’s unique approach to measuring employee experience helps clients understand what truly matters to their employees. Accurate assessment of employee experience helps identify inefficiencies and take corrective actions to build an engaging and productive workplace.

Download this Point of View (PoV) by our Digital Workplace experts, Lukasz Ulaniuk and Leon Caffa, for actionable tips on how to effectively measure employee experience to bridge the digital dexterity gap and boost productivity.

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Leon Caffa

Expert in Virtual Office

Lukasz Ulaniuk

Lead, Employee Experience – Cloud Infrastructure Services.
Lukasz leads Digital Workplace Offer Development at Capgemini’s Cloud Infrastructure Services. He manages development and introduction to the market strategy, advisory and transformative solutions for modern workplace that drive employee productivity and empowerment as well as support clients in achievement of sustainability and adoption targets. Lukasz brings 20 years of professional experience and passion in designing and introducing exceptional experiences to the customers across various industries.