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Capgemini wins CyberArk’s 2023 MSP Global Partner of the Year award

Andrew Critchley
14 Feb 2024

CyberArk, a pioneer in privileged access management (PAM) and a global leader in identity security, has announced the winners of its 2023 Global Partner of the Year awards, recognizing its top-performing partners globally. Capgemini proudly received the Managed Security Services (MSP) Partner of the Year award, showcasing our unmatched ability to deliver exceptional Managed Security Services in collaboration with CyberArk.

Clay Rogers, Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances at CyberArk, remarked, “Capgemini’s recognition as our MSP Partner of the Year was driven by many factors, including the strength of their Managed Services offer around CyberArk, the joint innovation activities we have underway to take MSP to the next level, and Capgemini’s commitment to CyberArk at all levels in our organisations. This award underscores Capgemini’s ability to bring tangible business value to their customers through CyberArk technologies and is a testament to the effectiveness of our partnership. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.”

The award being announced by Chris Moore , Senior Vice President, Global Channels, CyberArk

The award being announced by Chris Moore , Senior Vice President, Global Channels, CyberArk

Capgemini’s Managed Services Powered by CyberArk

In today’s digital landscape, identity and access management (IAM) plays a critical in protecting organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Our global partnership with CyberArk equips us to offer cutting-edge IAM and PAM solutions, empowering clients to secure their digital assets and ensure regulatory compliance effectively.

For many years, Capgemini has been a trusted partner of CyberArk, delivering managed and professional services to clients. Additionally, we utilize CyberArk technology to secure our broader managed services and internal systems. This collaboration has led to the development of Capgemini identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), our optimized, pre-packaged managed service for IAM, built on CyberArk’s PAM capabilities.

The CyberArk MSP Global Partner of the Year award recognizes our ability to deliver market-leading managed services in IAM through Capgemini IDaaS. It also acknowledges our commitment to working closely with CyberArk to deliver innovative, value-based solutions to clients. Whether it’s safeguarding privileged accounts, securing critical assets, or ensuring regulatory compliance, Capgemini remains dedicated to delivering IAM solutions that enable organizations to succeed in the digital age.

Capgemini’s Leading Identity and Access Management Practice

Capgemini boasts one of the world’s largest IAM practices, offering IAM advisory consulting, IAM professional services, and IAM managed services across all aspects of Identity to major organizations worldwide. Our extensive ecosystem of IAM technology partners, including market leaders like CyberArk, Ping Identity, and SailPoint, enables us to provide best-in-class services tailored to each client’s unique needs. IAM is a core capability within our global Cybersecurity practice, allowing us to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity services encompassing identity, zero-trust, cloud security, and cyber defense centers.

As AI-based, context-sensitive, adaptive risk-based approaches to IAM become increasingly prevalent, we foresee identity security becoming tightly integrated within the broader ecosystem of managed security services. By integrating IAM more deeply across the enterprise and leveraging diverse cybersecurity signals, services can be effectively secured in modern open environments. Our goal is to leverage our combined cloud, AI, and cyber capabilities to drive innovation in IAM, working closely with partners like CyberArk to redefine identity and meet our customers’ business needs today and tomorrow.

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Andrew Critchley

Global Head of IAM Practice