Diversity & Inclusion

At Invent we firmly believe that a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas. To deliver on our brand promise of “Inventing the New”, we welcome diverse teams and promote inclusive work practices.


“I am a big believer in Diversity and Inclusion. For society, for Capgemini Group, and, naturally, for Capgemini Invent. For Capgemini Invent diversity is at the heart of how we operate. We bring to life what’s next. Challenging the status quo is in our DNA and requires a Diversity of thought: Bringing together different perspectives, having healthy debates, and learning from each other. Diversity goes further than just bringing together people from different backgrounds, professions, gender, or ethnicity. We all have an active role to play to create an Inclusive culture, a work environment in which everybody truly feels heard and valued. When we all play our part, when we perceive diversity for its value, and as something that is more than a numbers game, only then will we reap the benefits” Cyril Garcia, CEO, Capgemini Invent.

Metzke Laurence - Capgemini Invent“Technology is nothing without the people behind it.’ This quote from the Capgemini Group founder Serge Kampf has never been more true. At Capgemini and Capgemini Invent, we’re committed to making an impact for our clients and society – and this is only possible by creating the right environment and opportunities for our people to thrive. This requires genuine curiosity and interest towards each other. Being sensitive to cultural differences or challenges with language. Encouraging someone who is normally quiet or has a different opinion to speak up, or helping others overcome barriers. At Capgemini Invent, we do not only want to invite people in, we also want to make them feel welcome and contribute to shaping our culture, regardless of background, gender, age, looks, ability, sexual orientation, role or anything else that makes people who they are“. Laurence Metzke, Chief HR Officer, Capgemini Invent.

Our diversity targets can be split into three categories:

  1. Championing overall diversity of our teams
  2. Improving diversity of our leadership
  3. Ensuring an inclusive work culture

There are many examples of Diversity & Inclusion activities from across the globe such as:

  • Our Race and Equality network, aimed at promoting inclusivity and education on the topic of race
  • Outfront, our LGBTQ+ and allies community, that for instance organised a range of talks during Pride month addressing what it is like to be LGBTQ+ from a personal, cultural and professional perspective.
  • A focus on improving Gender balance through mentoring initiatives, round tables and specific recruitment events.
  • Even before flexible working practices became the new normal for all of us Capgemini Invent recognized its importance in promoting inclusion. Initiatives on this front include a Parent portal, Raising Capgemini Network in LIFE Employee Resource Group, Emergency Care benefit, and Flexible Work focus groups.

Click here to learn more about the awards we have won and the memberships we have to professional bodies promoting diversity & inclusion in the work place.