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“Projects are not always perfect, they can be tough and unclear, but in my mind, we at Capgemini Invent are always in for the challenge and make it happen”

When I joined Capgemini Consulting (today Capgemini Invent) eight years ago, I came straight from university and was not sure which path I wanted to take, struggling to decide between management consulting and a role in a line organization. What finally made up my mind was the fact that I wanted a versatile every-day, and experience a variety of areas and industries. In addition, to be able to engage in non-project related tasks, and felt that the company had a lot to offer in this area. When joining, I became engaged in our Employer Branding team for Lund University and our Event-team, and ended up as the toastmaster in my very first company Christmas party. That really made me feel like I was a part of the company right from the start.

Tell us about your role at Capgemini Invent?

I am a Senior Manager at Capgemini Invent, meaning I take on project management responsibilities in client projects. Right now, I am working in a large program at a client with the aim to strengthen certain areas of their infrastructure. Internally I belong to a capability unit called Intelligent Industry, where we utilize advanced data analytics, AI and automation technologies to drive financial excellence and enable strategic, real-time business decision-making. RPA and AI offer the potential to solve an array of industry problems and generate efficiencies in many processes, this is what I am passionate about! Within Intelligent Industry, I am responsible for the area Data for Marketing, Sales & Customer Interactions.

In addition, I am responsible for a grouping within Capgemini Invent called Business & Analysis Group (BAG). This group is responsible for many of our internal processes and aims to support the business as well as our consultants. All Consultant & Senior Consultant grades belong to BAG. This group provides our consultants a platform to network with peers, represent Capgemini Invent at external events such as career fairs, plan different events and parties, get practical experience of the consultant role in an internal environment, and learn and teach others about the tools of consulting, and much more. My day-to-day tasks in this role are very different, it can be everything from discussing next steps and yearly plans with the team leads, to planning for rotations within the teams or planning our yearly kick-off and BAG party. Mostly however my day-to-day tasks are to support and guide our consultants in their responsibilities, enabling them to develop and make the best out of every given situation.

Looking back at your years at Capgemini Invent, what are your key takeaways and highlights so far?

The highlights must be the people that I work with every day. The amazing, inspiring and fun people, who bring enormous energy and dedication to their work. They are the best thing about working at Invent without a doubt and makes “going to work” easy and fun.

What has been your favorite project at Capgemini Invent?

My favorite project was a multi-national project conducted in North America for 3 months, in the beginning of my career. The project aimed to evaluate the supply chain network which consisted of suppliers, one consolidation point as well as assembly factories at various locations in different countries. Our team traveled around to study the flows at different plants, and we had the opportunity to meet very interesting and inspiring people along the way. Highlights of this project were “Virginia-Bob” (a very special character at the Virginia plant), the car trips along the east coast (during which my project leader had to transcribe our workshop notes since I was feeling car sick 😊), a salsa club with our project sponsor, and spending my birthday in New York with the entire project team.

How does your work challenge you?

In my profession, it’s easy to say that every day brings new challenges. Since both the projects and clients are so multifaceted, the day to day work is never the same and you are faced with new challenges and learn new things almost every day. I have learned a lot about how to approach different types of people, how to tackle stakeholders that are not agreeing with the scope or the outcome of the project, how to handle unrealistic expectations and how to prioritize to manage work life balance.

How does Capgemini Invent support your development?

The company supports each consultant’s development through a set of actions. Firstly, we have local, global and digital courses, lectures and development programs. Every year we also have trainings at our Capgemini university; Les Fontaines in France! Secondly, we make sure to support and guide every individual through coaching from senior colleagues. In my experience, there are always new topics to explore and paths to take, and no one’s journey is the same!

Tell us about the role as a counsellor?

At Capgemini Invent we believe that time for individual development and coaching is key to increase involvement, recognition and employee engagement. The role of being a counsellor is exactly that. It’s a way to mentor our management consultants. It’s a way to provide personalized advice, guidance, inspiration and a shoulder to cry on when times are tough and someone to celebrate with in times of success. Right now, I’m mentoring five amazing ladies who give me so much energy and are all inspiring to me in many ways. This is easily the best part of my job!

What makes Capgemini Invent stand out?

I have heard many times from our clients (and I agree) that the consultants at Capgemini Invent are very positive, ambitious, service minded, humble and friendly people. I think Capgemini Invent is a company that makes the most of the situation given. Projects are not always perfect, they can be tough, they can be non-specific, but in my mind, we are always in for the challenge and make it happen. There’s always easy to find a friendly hand to help you if needed, people here look after one another.

What is your best advice to a student or younger professional about to start their career?

My best advice is of course to follow your dream!

Why should you join Capgemini Invent?

I have never had an experience at Capgemini Invent where I felt left out or on my own. The people here are willing to help. It’s a great atmosphere and you will be able to leverage Capgemini Group’s range of competencies, all from innovation and strategy to creative and design and deep expertise in data science, AI and machine learning. The global platform of expertise is huge, and through our learning platform and global network, you really have the best opportunity to develop your area of expertise, and you will have a steep learning curve for sure!

Testimonial given when Filippa worked as a Senior Manager in our Intelligent Industry capability unit, at Capgemini Invent.

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