Automation in onboarding experience – threat or opportunity?

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The author, Adrita Ghosh, joined the HR team in Capgemini Finland in September 2018 as a Trainee. Interestingly, she had been a part of the offshore HRO delivery team, few years back and now she is back to her professional roots in Capgemini, on the other side of the globe.

Global companies today are involved in a continuous endeavor to increase automation of their HR and recruitment processes. One might argue that sometimes, automation might water down the humane touch in HR, but it is no surprise that over the years it has proved to have an effect which is quite contrary. Automation of HR Processes have ensured improved time lines, less manual intervention and higher employee engagements in the workplace.

In Capgemini Finland, the HR team is investing in HR automation and transformation for enhanced service delivery, seamless work processes between onshore and offshore teams and to deliver freedom of work.  And the recent noteworthy addition is the new improved BeReady Employee Onboarding tool that was launched in beginning of September 2018.

How was onboarding before the tool?

Onboarding, before the tool came into existence, involved the first day in the new hire’s life being dedicated entirely to receiving the tools, access right to the systems and getting to know to the organization and new colleagues. Everything and everyone was new.

One might argue that it is obvious for a new employee to feel “new” on the first day at work. Well, this is exactly the belief that Capgemini intends on changing!

Getting to know to the company before the first day

The onboarding tool enables new hires to get to know to the company before they begin work. The tool gives them a glimpse of what Capgemini and its people are, how is the culture and an opportunity to network with the existing employees and their future colleagues.

With the tool people start living the Capgemini values from the beginning of their journey and the tool itself is built on company’s core values such as freedom at work as well collaboration and fun.

The tool also comes just in time before we onboard our new group of Young Professionals (YPA) for fall 2018. YPA, for quite some time now has been proving this unique opportunity to the onshore and offshore HR delivery teams to come together and onboard some exceptional talents in the IT, Technology and analytics field who kick start their careers with Capgemini Finland.

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