AutoPath Shows the Way to Automotive Industry with SAP

Moving at the Speed of Automotive

The Automotive industry is changing fast and facing an ever more complex business landscape with new risks and opportunities – and a need for better digital tools and end-to-end solutions to manage the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.

Companies that want to address these issues need strong digital solutions to help them do so. Our AutoPath solution allows companies to achieve this through rapid delivery.

What is AutoPath?

AutoPath is our SAP-certified pre-configured S/4HANA package solution that enables the suppliers of automotive companies to streamline operations, providing greater visibility and control of core business processes.

It is ideal for organizations that want to align with automotive industry leading practices and promote the standardization and simplification of business operations. A few important things to know about AutoPath:

  • It is pre-configured to manage schedule agreements, forecasts and JIT delivery schedules, maintain production schedules, perform automated Kanban execution.
  • It draws on a repository of OEM EDI messages and label formats including GM, Ford, Chrysler.
  • By combining the AutoPath solution with Capgemini’s iCaptivate Methodology, businesses can experience an accelerated speed to value for their SAP implementation.

The AutoPath solution also provides extensive integration capabilities with other solutions (Social, Mobility, Analytical, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud).