AutomotiveConnect: OEM

Is your automotive company positioned to provide innovative, targeted services to Generation Connected throughout the customer lifecycle from interest and purchase to ownership and repurchase? We will steer you down the right digital transformation path

Meet and Exceed Digital Consumers’ Expectations

The automotive industry is facing disruptive change as consumer expectations evolve in both emerging and established markets.Major research has found key changes to  car customers’ behaviors and needs:

  • Car buyers today want a different purchasing process and a more interactive relationship with OEMs and dealers.
  • Consumers have different expectations of the car itself: they want vehicles that can streamline their lives.
  • Many consumers, particularly younger ones, are choosing mobility services over car ownership, but they too want personalized offers when they use a car.

To become digital leaders, OEMs must accommodate these emerging consumer behaviors. This means shifting their focus away from designing, producing and selling products and towards providing innovative, targeted services throughout the customer journey.

Drive Digital Transformation

Capgemini’s AutomotiveConnect is a range of propositions that allows automotive companies to take advantage of disruptive changes in the industry and of constantly evolving consumer behavior.We can help your company put your customers at the center of everything you do and at every touchpoint throughout customer lifecycle: interest, purchase, ownership and repurchase. With effective customer management you can eliminate the product-centric silos (such as sales, marketing and service) that exist today.

You can achieve digital transformation in three focus areas:
Connected Customer: Show that you understand your customers by offering them what they really want. We help you segment at the micro level so that you can choose the right channel, for the right consumer, at the right time.

Connected Vehicle: Make the car “another node on the network”. We show you how to focus less on selling cars and more on providing transportation services that forge lifelong relationships. For customers, your vehicles will become an extension of their home, office and club.

Connected Insights: Make the most of your data – the new oil powering the industry. Gain competitive advantage by applying analytics to customer and vehicle data to gain the insights you need to meet customer expectations.

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