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Supply chain

increase supply chain resilience

How adopting new technologies within logistics improves the market position

Transport logistics steers the world’s flows of goods. Its reliable functioning is the foundation of our globalized economy. With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020, the logistics industry suddenly faced a host of never-before-seen challenges.

Systemic relevance of the logistics industry to our globalized world.

Using an example of a shutdown in China, global impacts on the industry and supply chain are shown. When manufacturing in China was stopped, cargo was backlogged at China’s major container ports, travel restrictions led to a shortage of truck drivers to pick up containers, and ocean carriers canceled or blanked sailings. The resulting shortage of components from China impacted manufacturing operations overseas. Major industries around the world, including automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, as well as consumer goods, were affected. Once again, the systemic relevance of the industry to our globalized world became clear but also showed the industry’s deficiencies.

In times of change such as these, it must reinvent itself to become more resilient. Digital transformation is key to this.

In times of change such as these, it must reinvent itself to become more resilient. Digital transformation is key to this.

To help our clients make the right decisions and steer their company into the right direction, we have written a point of view. It provides examples of how Capgemini, jointly with our clients, has successfully leveraged a subset of new technologies or implemented new business processes which significantly improved our clients’ market position and the resilience of their processes.

In addition, companies are now forced to become more sustainable and to lower energy consumption and emissions. New technologies and modern processes will help to achieve sustainability targets.

But the question is, where to start the transformation, which technologies to choose and how to orchestrate the process. Have a look at our point of view to get some inspiration and guidance.

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