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Digital transformation

Capgemini Invent Digital IT Assessment

How to boost your IT for the Digital Age

Is your IT ready for the future?

The Digital IT Brochure for further reading!

Driving and enabling the organization’s digital agenda is a key priority for 72% of all IT executives. Though only few Digital IT Champions have succeeded in fully establishing all IT enablers needed to

  • Make effective use of the multiplicity of technology-driven innovation opportunities and advance them into company assets
  • Scale IT flexibly and ensure short time-to-market for new technology-driven services and products
  • Ensure entrepreneurial thinking and innovative mindsets
  • Keep employee development and talent attraction in line with fast changing market developments
  • Maintain IT cost efficiency and contribute to process automation and digitalization

Understand your Position

The Capgemini IT Assessment comprehensively evaluates your IT’s preparedness for driving and enabling your organization’s digital agenda. It is based on our Digital IT capability model summarizing our research on Digital IT champions best practices we see in all IT areas across industries.

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Your Value

As participant you receive your comprehensive individual Digital IT Assessment report showing your IT’s overall positioning as well as the specific results across all IT dimensions. The report allows for comparison with industry peers and digital IT champions. It highlights current strength and action fields for further improvement. The Digital IT assessment scores can be used for tracking the success of your digital IT transformation journey.

Participation is free of charge.

How to participate?

The assessment is set up as an online survey. Participation takes approximately 30 minutes. Within eight dimensions (“Enabler”) we will ask you questions, which you can agree or disagree to on a 5-point-scale. Those questions are for example:

Please use the contact form below to receive your individual assessment link and reach out to us in case of any questions.

Meet our experts

Armin Haffner

Global Head of Inventive IT | Capgemini Invent

Felix Middendorf

Head of Digital IT AccelerationInvent Germany
Ich bin Experte für IT-Strategie & -Transformation und berate CIOs bei strategischen Herausforderungen und zielorientierten Veränderungen. Schwerpunkte sind Operating Model und Business-IT-Alignment.

Manuel Ranz

Expertise: Digital IT Strategy & Transformation