The digital workplace is all about increasing employee engagement for business impact. Organizations are now driving digital workplace transformation through the introduction of virtual environments, enterprise mobility solutions that support mobile devices, and new ways of working. However, the most forward-looking organizations are recognizing that a digital workplace strategy must also take into account the physical location of the employees and the company’s office space.

To compete for top talent, companies need to create an office environment that employees want to be part of and will not want to leave. They need to create a “smart” office environment tailored to employee needs – where it’s easy and fast to perform standard office tasks such as finding meeting rooms, setting up video conferences, and managing office facilities.

Capgemini’s Connected Office services were developed to address both the challenges and the opportunities within office environments, including:

  • Reducing the set-up costs of meetings
  • Accelerating completion times for common tasks
  • Harnessing IoT to improve facilities management


Capgemini’s Connected Office portfolio delivers dramatic improvements to the employee experience by delivering a fully digital office environment that harnesses analytics, cognitive computing, and automation to streamline common office tasks and create smarter management processes. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Connected Office strategy consulting
  • Connected Office workstyle and environment assessment
  • Connected Office mobile app
  • Deployment of Connected Office components
  • Connected Office adoption change management
  • Carbon footprint/sustainability
  • Real estate modernization
  • Printing, managed printing and 3D printing.

Connected Office benefits

For Employees and Visitors

  • Faster, easier connections with colleagues in different locations
  • Digital employee collaboration features simplify interactions
  • More time meeting and getting work done, less time connecting equipment and dealing with technical glitches
  • Lower carbon footprint and power consumption confirm that the company cares about the environment

For IT

  • Harnesses the IoT, analytics, and intelligence to improve facilities management
  • Less effort required to set up A/V sessions
  • Less effort needed to troubleshoot technical issues
  • More time to focus on other strategic priorities and innovation

For the Enterprise

  • Enhanced employee experience helps attract & retain top talent
  • Cost savings: On average, 30% increase in office resource utilization, avoiding CapEx of for additional space, better use of existing resources.
  • Predictive analytics optimizes demand & capacity planning
  • More productive and satisfied employees, improved brand image

See it, experience it yourself

The best way to understand and appreciate the capabilities of the Connected Office is to see it for yourself. Request a demo today and get new insights into how you can transform the employee experience – and business performance. Drop us a mail at