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Achieve sustainability from strategy to execution.

We are all facing probably the most intractable sustainability challenges impacting the planet and organizations, both big and small. And as a leading technology company, we recognize our role and responsibility to play a part in managing and resolving these pressures.

As part of our Business to Planet philosophy, we have developed a portfolio of services, designed to navigate the hurdles and at the same time, build in innovation and sustainable performance at scale.

Our sustainability framework first helps you define and commit to becoming a more sustainable organization through new thinking, and even new business models.  We then help you act on these plans with dedicated solutions for building in sustainability into products, redefining operations and supporting technology. Finally, it is critical to report and manage ESG data, to meet the increasing demands of stakeholders, customers, employees and regulatory bodies and also to measure your impact on the bottom line and on the planet.

We’re ready to be the architects and orchestrators of your sustainable future.


Cyril Garcia, Group Executive Board member, Head of Global Sustainability Services and Corporate Responsibility, Capgemini

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Vincenzo Disavino

Consumer Products, Retail & Manufacturing lead
We are excited to share our Sustainable Packaging Offer developed by Capgemini Invent. Our solution addresses the most critical questions around sustainability, drawing from our direct industry experience to deliver impactful programs tailored to the unique needs of Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail, and Packaging industry clients. Our Sustainable Packaging Offer includes expertise backed by hands-on industry experience, navigating the complexities of sustainable packaging. We drive innovation in packaging solutions, ensuring our clients not only meet but exceed sustainability benchmarks while enhancing brand differentiation. Stay ahead of the curve with our deep understanding of evolving sustainability regulations and consumer expectations.


Sustainability Lead, Capgemini Switzerland
At Capgemini, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to integrate sustainability seamlessly into your business operations. Our “Sustainability by Design” approach ensures that sustainability is embedded in every aspect of your strategy, from initial planning to execution. We provide robust support in crafting sustainability strategies, managing regulatory reporting, and optimizing data management for sustainability. Additionally, we focus on operational improvements, including enhancing supply chain efficiency and engaging suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. With our expertise, you can achieve your sustainability goals, comply with regulations, and drive long-term value for your business and the planet. Together, we can build a more sustainable future. Welcome to a partnership that prioritizes sustainability and innovation.

    Through our quarterly journal, Conversations for Tomorrow, the Capgemini Research Institute enables leaders to identify the strategic imperatives for the future of business, and the society in which it operates.

    Make products that are better for the planet, and your shareholders.

    Conversations for Tomorrow #8
    Developing Sustainable Products


    Move strategically and operationally from a linear economy that can destroy value, to a circular economy that preserves value.

    Our sustainability framework

    Define your strategy by evaluating your current state.

    Create net zero and circular economy ambitions and develop a bespoke roadmap based on optimum levers, including new business models for the next economy, while engaging all stakeholders to shape a universal, sustainable future.

    Act to put sustainability at the heart.

    The move to action is a considerable challenge and a significant undertaking. We have established levers for transformation across the value chain that will help you to navigate the most appropriate course of action.

    Monitor and report data to enable a net zero strategy.

    Enable and scale sustainable transformation by leveraging reliable data. Create a coherent strategy, harnessing data to transform your value chains, scaling up data, and embracing AI to power sustainable actions.

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