ADMnext – Enabling Infinite Possibilities

Business-focused ADM Services that accelerate growth and support your non-stop drive to business excellence.

In today’s chaotic digital marketplace, consumers are more demanding than ever – and customer application loyalty has almost become synonymous with customer brand loyalty.

This means that forward-thinking businesses are looking to their Application Services and IT functions to create the experiences their customers want, while consistently bringing more business value by:

  • Driving more disruption, innovation, and change
  • Reducing complexity and providing easy-to-consume services
  • Developing a collaborative eco-system to broker services for the business
  • Moving away from operational activities to better support the organization’s strategy

Business-focused Application Services and IT for better customer experiences?

To deliver on all of the above, you want Application Services and IT that can work with new technologies and bring about meaningful digital transformation. This means simpler, more predictable, scalable, cost-effective, and outcome-based consumption models that are smoothly deployed and focused on all your key business goals.

But many times, your current setup may not be a good fit for these new approaches – with legacy systems integration, elimination of technical debt, and their resulting sluggishness and cost increases being key issues. So, how do you get started?

Introducing ADMnext: ADM Services for the digital age and beyond

ADMnext is a full stack of Disruptive, Business-focused, Transformation, and Adaptive ADM Services, underpinned by a host of Organizational Assets and Enablers.

ADMnext employs a targeted focus on business and transformation that is formulated around key business imperatives. These business imperatives are crucial for optimizing your “here-and-now,” while innovating and disrupting the future, including:

  • Bringing efficiency, continuous improvement, and cost reduction
  • Accelerating your future change
  • Optimizing and securing their application landscapes
  • Aligning with their industry and business to create real value
  • Orchestrating change with disruptive IT models
  • Driving innovation with disruptive business models

Disrupt markets and embody the change, innovation, outcomes – and future – you want

Essentially, ADMnext equips you with the ability to rapidly respond to change – or rather to embody the change, the innovation, and the outcomes you want for your businesses. It goes beyond reactive support and single-speed legacy application and infrastructure estate change. We completely transform your ADM and IT functions into valuable assets that are aligned to your business objectives – driving growth and enabling you to disrupt your markets.

ADMnext: A results-oriented approach based on your goals and business imperatives

The key to ADMnext’s success here is a consistent focus on key differentiators to accelerate the achievement of your business imperatives. These differentiators include:

  • Transformational Leadership – Delivering leadership across disruptive digital services, new business and IT models, and business technology exploitation
  • Effective Business Alignment – An industry-aligned, business-value-chain approach measuring IT success based on your business outcomes
  • Accelerated Technology Outcomes – All while transforming your IT landscape
  • Optimized IT Services & Delivery – Integrated, multi-speed delivery and support approaches, which minimize IT incident distraction, and are underpinned by intelligent automation and proven industrialization

Our experts will collaborate with your teams to develop a business-value-focused Application Services and IT strategy to fit your unique requirements. We believe that this human-centered approach to technology is what makes the difference for your business. We call this the Capgemini Effect.

Learn more about ADMnext below and find out how we can transform your Application Services and IT function to deliver the business results you’re looking for.

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Brian Doherty previews ADMnext with Gopalakrishnan Krishnamurthi, Capgemini’s Global Offer Leader for ADMnext and the Europe ADMnext Centre of Excellence Lead and with David Keal, a principal at the AMS Center of Excellence in Dallas, Texas and the the North American ADMnext Ninja.

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