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Connected Marketing Operations ICO
Intelligent Business Operations

Connected Marketing Operations

Implement frictionless digital marketing operations

Deliver frictionless, digitally-augmented global marketing operations

Capgemini’s Connected Marketing Operations solution delivers frictionless, digitally-augmented, data-driven marketing operations that drives a more agile connections and seamless experience with your customers. This is critical in transforming your business, shaping new consumer values, and driving sales.

Our next-generation digital marketing solutions leverage innovative marketing technologies to enrich your digital strategy with relevant insights and data, maximize your campaign and channel reach, and drive operational excellence and efficiency across your marketing function. This drives a range of enhanced business outcomes, including:

  • 40–50% increase in lead conversion rate
  • 30% increase in customer reach
  • 20% faster speed to market
  • 20–30% increase in engagement
  • 19% increase in productivity
  • 40% reduction in cost of operations
Customer Experience


With real-time insights into your customer expectations, you can connect and engage with your audience at the right moment with contextual and personalized experiences while build…

About authors

Robert Brillhart

Global Head of Intelligent Customer Operations

Abha Singh

Senior Director, Capgemini Business Process Outsourcing
Abha drives large transformation and consultative sales, presales, and marketing projects for Capgemini’s clients, bringing innovation into the core of every area of her work.