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The world is transforming rapidly, and customer needs and expectations are evolving at an unprecedented pace.

No matter your industry, it is necessary to respond to dynamic market demands with agility backed by insights, all the while facilitating seamless yet evolving employee and customer experiences to enhance your business performance and drive growth. IT can be your partner to drive this digital transformation.

What are your challenges as a CIO/CTO/CDO/CXO?

CXOs are keeping pace with the changing tech trends and driving digital transformation. This journey can be far from smooth unless they align their IT operations with their business goals which is at once agile, available, and cost effective.

The CXOs experience those challenges:

  • The need to improve value realization and employee experience
  • The lack of visibility and observability in business processes and the underlying IT
  • The limited governance to ​ drive automation coverage
  • Isolated or distributed automation
  • The complexity to manage automation

We at Capgemini help you to cope with those challenges. We constantly innovate and evolve our services to progress towards this digital transformation amidst a hybrid world of work and data-driven business decisions. Our goal is to empower companies in achieving business value and ROI through our business-aligned services underpinned by forward looking solutions.

Enterprise Automation Fabric is one of our key solutions to deliver this value to our clients.

Services enabled by Enterprise Automation Fabric

    Application development and maintenance

    ADMnext. Enabling infinite possibilities

    Employee experience

    Make the “future of work” work for you!

    Cloud for enterprise management

    A world in flux demands more flexible businesses. Our cloud services deliver IT environments that are agile, modern, and connected via the cloud

    Enterprise service management

    Enterprise service management goes well beyond IT. It digitizes and automates adjacent functions like HR, security, finance, and CRM, to put the

      What is Enterprise Automation Fabric?

      Enterprise Automation Fabric is an insights-driven, purpose-built, plug and play system to unlock a seamless digital IT-management ecosystem. It enables our integrated infrastructure, applications and business operations services to provide insights driven automation at its full potential for businesses to reap maximum value across the entire operation, and at scale.

      The Fabric helps organizations to move from operations focused, limited value, isolated deployment of automation to an enterprise-wide, automation-first approach. It means that our clients can now accelerate their automation journey and unlock value across the business and IT operations.

      “Enterprises are looking beyond RPA to true intelligent automation by thinking in terms of business outcomes.”

      Elena Christopher, HFS Research, Enterprises, Escape your RPA pigeonhole today to achieve end-to-end automation, May 31, 2019.

      Top 5 reasons to adopt our Enterprise Automation Fabric

      Enterprise Automation Fabric underpins our commitment to deliver surprise-free IT Services that address key objectives of CXOs by ensuring,

      • Enhanced business process efficiency: cost reduction, removal of workarounds, etc.
      • Increased business process availability and stability;
      • Faster decision making underpinned by predictive insights;
      • Reduced TCO for IT service delivery with wider use of automation;
      • A seamless customer experience.

      “Artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation, while offering transformative potential business value, need an integrated approach across data, processes, and technologies. When deployed in isolated use cases at task-automation levels, they do not scale and provide their expected transformational impact on end-to-end process outcomes.”

      HFS Research, Solve the Automation Scale Challenge with Integrated Automation, Fersht, Snowdon, Gupta, Christopher, Bandopadhyay

      Meet our experts

      Sonal Chaturvedi

      Vice President, Group Industrialization
      Sonal is a Vice President in Capgemini’s Group Industrialization unit, leading the design authority for the function and overseeing its evolution. His team is dedicated to automation, AI-driven solutions, and data analytics, focusing on delivering cutting-edge innovations that drive efficiency and value for our clients.

      Gary James

      Head of ADMnext offer – Europe
      Gary James is at the forefront of development and market engagement for Capgemini’s European ADM Center of Excellence. Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in business applications, he partner’s with clients to align their application strategies and services with their dynamic market needs. Gary’s extensive background in SAP technologies and services includes global implementations and the creation of operating models to support and enhance existing multi-component SAP landscapes.

      Ygor Zeliviansky

      Head of Global Portfolio, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Capgemini 
      I am a Solutions Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry and have delivered business value for global clients in service delivery, enterprise software, HP products, enterprise architecture, and storage.