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Microsoft Dynamics AI

Microsoft Dynamics AI

Microsoft is expanding the Dynamics 365 platform with a number of new functions and tools. Some of them are to a large extent based on artificial intelligence mechanisms. The task of such functionalities is to be, among others automating many operations and business processes.

As part of the Dynamics 365 business application suite, Microsoft already provides customers with a whole set of tools using artificial intelligence – these are the solutions collected in the Insights series, namely: Customer Insights, Customer Service Insights, Market Insights and Sales Insights.

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service, acting as a virtual customer service agent. These functions will be primarily associated with the bot operation testing procedure – companies will be able to thoroughly check its operation before making such functionality available to customers.

Also new will be, among others a tool called IoT Intelligence, which will be added to the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management application. Its task will be to facilitate clients’ monitoring of real-time inventory levels as well as their forecasting.

One of the more important premieres will also be a completely new application from the Insights family, i.e. Product Insights – it is to be an advanced tool using artificial intelligence mechanisms to instruct clients how to use a given product, as well as to design products so that they are easy to use. The Dynamics 365 Connected Store application will also be new, serving, among others to analyze and monitor the situation in a physical commercial facility.

It is worth adding that the AI solutions used in new products are based on technologies that Microsoft develops as part of Azure AI cloud services. It’s about o technologies in the field of machine learning (Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, ONNX), analysis and information retrieval (so-called knowledge mining – Azure Search, Form Recognizer), as well as agent-type applications and services (Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service).


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