intelligent operations

Disruption, saturation, personalization, and sustainability are triggering transformation across entire value chains. Capgemini’s approach to data-centric intelligent operations enables smart manufacturing and streamlined supply chains that are reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

Consumers are embracing having access to products without necessarily owning them. And with saturated markets, the desire for highly personalized products and experiences has never been greater. This means more value-added services, and an increasing preference for sustainable products, operations, and services. Meeting these new customer expectations can be extremely difficult without a drastic change in business models and operations.

To appeal to customers while fending off new and existing rivals, organizations must accelerate three integral aspects of intelligent industry: digital inside to connect the real world, digital continuity to create and manage the virtual world, and digital convergence to digitize core processes. They hold the key to trigger transformation across the entire value chain. Data-centric and collaborative approaches will lead to smart design, superior manufacturing operations, streamlined supply chains, and unparalleled service and support that’s always reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

    Smart plant

    In the modern plant, data and analytics enable machines and people to make intelligent, fact-based decisions that increase performance.

    Capgemini Invent

    Smart factory

    The next generation of factories will be hyper connected, smart, autonomous and sustainable.

    Capgemini Engineering

    Sustainable operations

    Our Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain offer is helping organizations set a vision for sustainable transformation.

    Capgemini Invent

      What we do

      Achieve supply chain resilience, intelligence, and sustainability.

      To meet the demands of today’s connected consumers, industry leaders must enhance their supply chains. This means adapting to shifts in buying patterns and selling models, focusing on tailored experiences, meeting expectations for “need it now” delivery with real-time track & trace, and running sustainable operations.

      Companies are under pressure to reduce costs and optimize service levels while simultaneously building new business models. Data must be employed to drive informed decision making and enhance visibility, transparency, and resiliency.

      We help our clients achieve end-to-end, customer-centric supply chain transformation through a combination of strategy and technology expertise, leveraging the latest in data, AI/machine learning, and automation. Our services support initiatives across demand/supply planning, inventory management, logistics, service/spare parts, and retail merchandizing.

      Power autonomous manufacturing with data.

      Factories today, whether discrete or process manufacturers, must leverage data and digital technologies to improve overall performance and agility on the journey to autonomous manufacturing. We help organizations transform with data-driven operations and digital continuity, enabling them to innovate, design, architect, and implement scalable solutions for specific business and industry challenges.

      Our advanced data, AI, and machine learning skills and capabilities power real-time plant and asset monitoring and optimize production efficiency. Actionable insights can predict maintenance, anticipate demand fluctuations, and improve process flows. We also focus on the human side, enabling people to work more productively and safely using data and technology, such as wearables and augmented and virtual reality.

      We partner with our clients to create their factory of the future and put sustainability at the heart of industrial operations.

      Our experts

      Benny Karlsson

      Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent Sweden & Finland
      Benny has 18 years of experience across automotive, manufacturing and asset intense companies. His experience span from business modelling, benchmarking and value driven transformation across the value chain from engineering, through operations/manufacturing and services. Benny is responsible for Intelligent Industry for Invent in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.