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How can we envision and design for the future? By looking through a lens of what is possible you can realize new opportunities, innovate, and transform your organization.

Crafting a strategy for an uncertain future is hard. Traditional methods tend to be conservative and limited by focusing future assumptions on what has happened in the past. Our goal is not to predict the future but to understand the underlying forces shaping it to inform ideation and business opportunities for our clients.

Using our proprietary FutureCasting scenario planning, we inspire organizations to imagine what future users might need and how those needs could be met. FutureCasting is a creative process, framework, and canvas for bold provocative thinking. Once fully immersed in the future worlds, we use design thinking techniques for concept ideation, craft strategy and execution plans, and bring together multiple stakeholders for maximum buy-in.

We will help you plan for the future by creatively shaping a new strategic vision or by injecting innovation into products, services, and experiences.

What we do

Define the focus and explore potential futures

How do you stay relevant as the world continues to change? Articulating the core business issue can be a challenge. That’s why, before exploring potential futures, our primary starting point is to identify and obtain agreement from all your stakeholders on the singular, most important issue that needs to be addressed. This ensures focused strategic discussions and ideation.

We then draw up an initial list of hypothetical driving forces that will shape the future. Forces such as global warming, new technology, changing tastes, urbanization, and workstyle are all examples. We also conduct research to validate, challenge and expand the list.

Our research contextualizes the key strategic question by providing an understanding of the environment in which your organization operates. This includes stakeholder assumptions and beliefs, as well as disruptive market trends.

Identify driving forces and create potential futures

A variety of primary and secondary research techniques help us to evaluate and identify key driving forces that define the ways in which the world may change. These techniques range from interviews and site visits, to and design and market research, SWOT analysis and STEEP frameworks.

Drawing on our informed insights and creative thinking, we then conceptualize and develop potential futures that are both compelling and divergent. We also ideate events that help us identify key moments signaling technological, cultural, regulatory or industry changes along the path to a potential future.

Through a synthesis of the findings from our stakeholder interviews and research, we craft workshop content tailored for each client’s individual needs. The potential futures are the cornerstone of our workshops and a powerful launch pad for ideation.

Explore optimal future strategies and innovation

Our hands on workshops explore hypothetical futures through the eyes of multiple stakeholders. Immersive experiences are crucial to engage and excite participants.

Through our structured FutureCasting scenario planning framework, we work in teams to analyze possibilities, opportunities, stumbling blocks, and likelihoods. Together, we explore and ask questions: What’s attractive or scary about this future to our business? What does this future mean to current capabilities and competencies? How would it impact customer/partner relationships?

We envision, conceptualize, and define value for a new strategic vision or innovative products and services. Favorite ideas are captured, and thoughts shared on how to take the thinking forward. Then we bring ideas to life through a strategic roadmap and plan with a playbook for execution.


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