Capgemini Cloud Platform

Migrate, operate and innovate every aspect of your business in the cloud

Better cloud. Better business. Fast.

Capgemini Cloud Platform brings together the right technology, processes and culture to help organizations of every size leverage the efficiency and agility of cloud. It is a portfolio of cloud services and accelerators in a single cloud management platform.

Capgemini Cloud Platform (CCP) is designed to support the crucial stages of every cloud journey, from build and migration, to managing application and infrastructure services in the new cloud environment, supported by extensive automation. It offers a trusted route to migrating traditional datacenters to the cloud and to developing innovative cloud-native solutions that drive digital transformation.

Why choose Capgemini Cloud Platform?

We help organizations to migrate workloads to the cloud, manage a hybrid cloud estate with multiple providers, and develop new services natively in the cloud – while avoiding lock-in to any one vendor, or the platform itself.


Cloud ready. Right now.


  • Assess your application portfolio and optimize your migration plan
  • De-risk the migration of your workloads with our industrialized migration methodology
  • Modernize applications for cloud environments by refactoring, rewriting, or co-innovating with partners


  • Take control of your cloud and legacy estate with our advanced user portal
  • Leverage our comprehensive managed services and operations center to manage workloads consistently
  • Integrate cloud into your existing services rapidly with our advanced integration solution


  • Accelerate business velocity and improve speed to market using our ready-to-go fully automated cloud services and accelerators
  • Enable the delivery of digital, cloud, regulation and cyber use-cases with a DevOps and agile approach
  • Unlock the data held in your business and create new innovative business services using APIs

Building Business Agility: Louisiana Pacific, Capgemini & AWS

Technology brings a renewed customer-focus to building manufacturer. To improve reliability and uptime, Capgemini recommended a different service model – a move to the cloud platform with Amazon Web Services. The results exceeded expectations. Beyond the scalability and efficiency benefits, LP increased business agility and speed-to-market to find the pulse of what is next and spur new thinking.

Our Experts

Amanda Clay

I’m an expert in cloud platform services. I help clients bring innovative business ideas to market using technologies such as enterprise iPaaS, cloud-native applications and APIs. I have twenty years of delivery experience across the full project lifecycle.

Ben Scowen

I create business services in the cloud using a selection of cloud platform services, while avoiding lock-in with a single software vendor, cloud provider or systems integrator. I help clients select, use and run the most appropriate cloud platform services, allowing them to focus on digital transformation and building business outcomes.

Luke Harrigan

I am a cloud expert be it public, private or hybrid. I work with clients from across the globe and ensure they have the right solution for their business. With my varied background ranging from programming to service delivery. I often bring a different view that although focuses on technology also supports our clients business need for accelerated delivery.

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