#addher – Sweden’s largest network for women in IT

#addher is an external network for IT women, initiated by our sister company Sogeti in 2010. Capgemini is a co-driver of the network together with Sogeti. Only one of five employees in the IT sector are women. These women need to be more visible to attract more women to our industry, also enabling them to take on all roles and positions. #addher is one of our concrete initiatives to enable a positive change.

”There are no women in the IT sector” or “They do not have the right expertise to…”. We claim the opposite and believe in concrete actions to challenge similar statements or beliefs. We know that a good balance between the number of women and men within our company is imperative. Throughout the years we have therefore invested heavily into concrete women-oriented initiatives.

Since the launch in 2010 #addher (formerly known as winIT) has grown substantially and is since a few years back Sweden’s largest network for women in IT with over 7000 members in 17 locations. Our goal remains the same; making Sweden’s fantastic IT women stand out, in all roles and positions, and attracting more women to our sector. We meet several times a year in each local network and our events include both hard (latest technology) and soft (inspirational sessions) topics. In between of physical meetings the members communicate in closed Facebook Groups per location.

In #addher we encourage all members as well as our friends in the sector to visualize their female colleagues in our #addher Sverige groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. We gather them there, boosting their expertise and visibility, for anyone that is looking for IT women for their events, projects or networks – maybe even for your board.

Our 17 locations

#addher is available in Borlänge, Gävle, Göteborg, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Karlstad, Linköping, Luleå, Malmö, Skövde, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Umeå, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro and Örnsködsvik.

How to become a member

Join us today, get many valuable and new contacts and make sure you are invited to upcoming events. There are several ways to become a member:

1) Look up your local network on Facebook and ask to become a member. Just search for: #addher Stockholm, #addher Skåne, #addher Göteborg, etc.
2) Register to one of our events. Upcoming events are posted on www.capgemini.se/addher and in social media.
3) Contact the driver for your local network and ask to join. All drivers with contact info featured below on this page.
Feel free to invite other IT women. The larger the network, the bigger the impact!

Match and Go – Sweden’s largest mentorship initiative

Together with sister network DataTjej we launched a mentorship initiative in 2018 where you can either become a mentor or an adept. We match you up, you share experiences during 5 months. We are now running the fifth program. Interested in becoming a future mentor or adept?
Read more and sign up here before August 23!

Read more in Swedish here.

Visualizing Sweden’s IT women

In open national groups in social media anyone, male and female, can contribute to visualize Sweden´s IT women:

Are your favorites featured there? If not, add them! You can also contribute with gender balance related events or interesting articles and reports in these groups.

Become a host

Companies and organizations with members in the network can also, as host companies for an #addher event, visualize their experts, role models, gender balance initiatives and technology expertise sharing innovative projects. We make it easy for you to be a host.
Learn more about being a host in Swedish here.