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Capgemini Tech Talk: Java

(Java geeks unite!)


Whether you’re an expert, architect or junior: this is the event for you! By joining this event you get insight into the latest trends, the possibility to network with like-minded people, join the Java-community, learn something new and take part in interesting discussions! You will meet some of our highly skilled developers, architects, & managers and get insights from different people in our organization through short tech sessions showing you what we are doing within our JAVA/API team in Malmö and round up with some mingle & snacks. The session is to be held in English.

But what does it mean? Join our physical event tech session to find out!


  • 48h jams to create something new

Experience from many public and internal hackathons and jams Oskar Präntare will present how to quickly create value with good practices to keep short deadlines.

  • AWS 101 – dos and don’ts

Sanjay Verma is an experienced solution architect who will give an introduction to AWS from a software developer perspective. What is good to know of what to do and what to avoid as a software developer that’s starting using AWS.

  • GraphQL performance

What is GraphQL, how can GraphQL be used and what are some recommendations regarding GraphQL performance. Anna Bergvall will give an introduction to what she learnt of GraphQL during her thesis at Capgemini.

  • GraphQL federation

What is GraphQL federation, how to use GraphQL federation and what advantages does it give. Anna Karlsson will give an introduction to GraphQL federation that she learnt during ther thesis at Capgemini.

  • How to do a sprint retrospective

Jenna Jacob has many years of experience within software development and as a Scrum Master. She will go through best practices in how to do a sprint retrospective.

  • The Power of Node.js.

Martin Sandelin is a senior software engineer with experience building fullstack solutions used globally. He will give an introduction to Node.js, how it can be used and best practices.

  • API security

Deepak Salvi is an experienced API solution architect whom has been responsible for security implementations in finance critical solutions. He will go through his experiences with API security and some advice on things to consider from a software developer perspective when implementing the security of an API.

  • Cargo Cult Agile vs Real Agility

Henrik Hoff is an experienced Release Train Engineer, Agile Coach and Scrum Master whom has experience of Agile implementations in multiple sectors. His presentation will discuss when Agile theory meets reality.

  • Mingle with drinks & snacks


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