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Digital transformation

Revolutionizing Workflow Automation

Navigating the shift: Low code platforms vs. advanced cloud development in application evolution impact study

Explore the groundbreaking advancements in application development with a focus on Pega GenAI™ in Pega Infinity’23, a standout low code platform. This executive summary delves into the evolving landscape of application development, comparing the efficiency and innovation offered by low code platforms, specifically Pega Infinity’23, against advanced cloud development methodologies using Java EE and Microservices. The analysis showcases a notable 33% surge in Pega’s productivity advantage, underscoring the growing efficiency gap.

This comprehensive whitepaper emphasizes the pivotal role of ‘workflow automation’ in intricate business processes, utilizing the loan origination process as a real-world benchmark. The document dissects and contrasts low code platforms and advanced cloud development, providing a nuanced perspective on their strengths, limitations, and suitability for diverse business scenarios. Discover how Pega Infinity’23 contributes to business agility and technological innovation, making it an attractive option for organizations seeking rapid adaptation to market changes. Stay ahead in the tech landscape by understanding the intricacies of these two paradigms, ensuring informed strategic decisions in the dynamic realm of application development.

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