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We are currently facing the greatest collective challenge in human history. Right across the globe, the effects of climate change on our communities, our economies, and our societies are becoming increasingly intense and disruptive, proving that we can no longer afford to maintain business as usual.

To avoid irreversible ecological collapse, catastrophic natural disasters, and climate-driven social and political unrest, we must redirect our resources to create a more sustainable, regenerative, and resilient world.

Faced with this situation, governments, consumers, and investors are pushing industrial companies to make their business models, products, and ways of working more sustainable.

However, the implementation of sustainability initiatives is fragmented. While some companies have started on such a journey, the entire manufacturing industry must make substantial progress to step up its sustainability efforts.

This transformation will have far-reaching implications for the industry. Companies need to accelerate their sustainability efforts to stay competitive.

The companies that take the lead toward green products will have a significant advantage and opportunity for growth. Read the full report to get insights on how to pivot your organization to a new, greener ecosystem mode.


Daniel Strandhammar,
Senior Director,
Smart Products & New Business Models,
Capgemini Invent

Mukul Lagu,
Smart Products & New Business
Models,Capgemini Invent