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Modern data center transformation in the financial services industry

The data center is the digital heart of all modern businesses.

In a world where things can change in the blink of an eye, it is vital for the financial services industry to transform and modernize data centers and transition to the cloud, to stay ahead in this data-driven, highly regulated, and sensitive market. This requires an organization-wide rethink of data centers as a strategic enterprise asset rather than the cost center they have traditionally been considered.

In this point of view, our expert Michael Sausen, Global Portfolio Director at Cloud Infrastructure Services, explores the impact of the rapid evolution and proliferation of digital technology and provides insight into the actions that organizations within the financial services industry must take while transforming their data centers.

Download the point of view now to get answers to these pressing questions:

  • How to develop a business-led approach with a focus on sustainability and agility?
  • What are the three key elements that should guide your data center modernization strategy?
  • Horses for courses – how to choose the right data processing approach?
  • Data is at the heart of digital transformation – how to ensure data availability?
  • Data security matters – how to ensure zero-trust data security and compliance?