Sushant Devata

Expert in Business Transformation, Digital customer experience and eCommerce, Enterprise Architecture

I’m helping large retailers to realize their digital transformation journeys, through legacy modernization, movement to cloud, intelligent automation, process optimization, agile development and analytics. I’m proud to be part of Capgemini, one of the top consultancy companies in the world, while at the same time being a very warm company – the best of both worlds. Over the last 19 years I’ve spent in Information technology, I have worked with biggest retailers, manufacturing giants, large telecom companies in EU, US and APAC regions.

I have started as a programmer and the last 19 years gave me ample opportunities to design and lead delivery; carry out business development and build relationship with stake holders. Helping clients to realize their business transformation gets me excited. I believe in collaboration, agile mindset and team work. Outside of work, I spend all my time with family and friends – I’m a very sporty person and show intent while competing. I manage to run few marathons a year and do enough things on weekly basis to stay fit. I am also jovial person and like to watch lot of comedy shows. If am tired of watching sports or comedy shows, then its food shows.

Sushant Devata

My experience

Enterprise architecture, Senior solution architect, Cloud engineer @ Capgemini