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Senior Consultant – Data & AI


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Data and AI

“Despite my broad skill set, there’s always more to learn, and Capgemini offers that opportunity”

I hold a Master’s Degree in Financial Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Economics. I have nearly 20 years of experience in Business and IT, having held roles such as Accounting Manager, Finance Manager, and various positions in controlling, especially business controlling. I have also worked as a System Manager. My career spans multiple industries, including manufacturing, public sector, but predominantly retail, where I have spent 15 years.

What made you decide to apply to and join Capgemini?

I’ve collaborated extensively with consultants and often considered becoming one myself to experience the field from that perspective. The consultancy role offers a unique viewpoint, and I wanted to engage in this dynamic environment. Capgemini stood out because it’s a globally renowned company at the forefront of innovation. It provides access to the latest developments and a network of skilled professionals. I believe my expertise and experience could contribute significantly, focusing not just on technical solutions but on ensuring that implemented changes bring real value to companies and clients.

How does your work challenge you?

Despite my broad skill set, there’s always more to learn, and Capgemini offers that opportunity. Coming from a different background than many of my colleagues, I can contribute uniquely, fostering competence development and influence. Working with diverse individuals and coaching them to achieve their goals is exhilarating. Similarly, assisting clients in reaching their business objectives and strategizing on how to get there is very fulfilling.

How are you working towards the future you want?

I actively seek to influence and contribute where I can make a difference. Networking, building relationships, and maintaining contacts are crucial elements of this journey. Both within Capgemini and externally, I focus on these aspects to shape the future I envision.

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini?

The people at Capgemini are skilled, ambitious, engaged, solution-oriented, and helpful. The work environment is enjoyable, fostering camaraderie whether you’re in the office or working remotely. This sense of inclusion and fun is a vital part of the company culture.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

I align with Capgemini’s values and am proud of them. Knowing that the company is filled with talented and dedicated individuals is reassuring. It makes me proud to represent Capgemini, being part of a forward-thinking company that is attuned to global trends and committed to contributing, supporting, and making a difference.

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