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“I chose to join Capgemini because they focus on ERP systems, and it’s a well-known company. It felt exciting to join such a large and reputable organization.”

Ten years ago, I studied Computer Science with a focus on Business Administration. Through my education, I came in contact with my first consulting firm, where I began working as a consultant specializing in ERP systems. Since then, my career has advanced through my network. I’ve never had to apply for any of the jobs I’ve had. My network has consistently wanted to bring me along to new companies and various organizations, which eventually led me to Capgemini.

Why did you decide to apply and start working at Capgemini?

I chose to join Capgemini because they focus on ERP systems, and it’s a well-known company. It felt exciting to join such a large and reputable organization.

Tell us About your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

I primarily work as a Stream Lead within Finance for ERP systems. A typical day? No day is ever the same. It varies greatly, but it often involves meetings with clients where we collaboratively find solutions for their ERP systems. They frequently seek guidance and proposals for solutions, and together, we come up with strategies that align with their needs and experiences. In addition to client meetings, I also have many internal team meetings to ensure we’re aligned and working together effectively.

How does your work challenge you?

The scope is incredibly broad; it’s impossible to know everything in this field. It constantly evolves, requiring continuous improvement and efficiency. To keep up I must continually learn new things. That’s the biggest challenge—constantly updating my knowledge to stay current.

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini?

There is a wide variety of people from different cultures, which is very enjoyable. However, the commonality among everyone here is that many are very skilled, driven and eager to do their best. Everyone is also very helpful. If you reach out to someone you don’t know, they’re always open to assisting you with whatever they can.

What is the best thing about Capgemini?

The best part is the freedom to organize your work. As long as you do your job, you have a lot of flexibility. I can prioritize tasks as needed. If I find it easier to work elsewhere for a few days, that’s perfectly fine as long as the work gets done. This level of freedom is what I appreciate the most.

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