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IgnITe Graduate Program

Ready to kickstart your career?

Capgemini’s IgnITe Graduate Program gives you a unique opportunity to kick-start your career. It nurtures young talent and helps you make the most of your ideas and ambitions. During 12 months you will develop all the skills you need to succeed as a consultant. 

You will be working with the world’s leading brands in various projects, to enhance and transform the way they do business. In addition to this you will have time for certifications, teacher-led training and self-study from a wide range of educational materials. With our training library of over 250 000 courses and certifications, the opportunities at Capgemini are truly infinite. Learn French, get certified in Cloud or take a course in business management at Harvard – free for all our employees.  

Are you a curious problem solver that wants to shape your own future? If your answer is yes, the IgnITe Program is the perfect start to your career. We believe you’re pursuing or within one year of graduation from a full-time MSc or BSc degree in IT, Data/Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Advanced Vocational Education or similar.  

Behind the scenes

Get an introduction to IgnITe!

The perfect start on your career

  • 12 months of training and certifications adapted to your skills. You will develop the consultant techniques you need to succeed in your career.
  • Collaborations with prominent partners, among others Microsoft, Google, Amazon, SAP, Salesforce, Mulesoft, PEGA, Adobe and UIPath.
  • Possibility to work with the latest technology and gain experience from various projects.
  • Support by a mentor whose role is to challenge, encourage and guide you.
  • Multinational network of more than 350.000 of the brightest minds in the industry to inspire you.
  • Encouraging work-life balance, support in achieving your potential both inside and outside the office.
  • Permanent full-time employment and an competitive salary, as well as great benefits and perks. The program is certified by TraineeGuiden.

    Anna, Junior Salesforce Consultant, Capgemini

    ”As a graduate, IgnITe is a perfect way into the industry. I feel very welcome at Capgemini, and I get a lot of help and support from my colleagues. I am also getting the space I need to explore new things.”

    Felicia, Junior Application Consultant, Capgemini

    ”I was drawn to Capgemini because it’s a cool company. We work with so many parts of the IT industry and with huge global customers. My job has multiple layers and I’m surrounded by extraordinary colleagues.”

    William, Junior Business Analyst, Capgemini

    “IgnITe has given me a deeper understanding of the field and a lot of experience. If you want secure employment at a company that cares deeply about its employees, Capgemini is a perfect choice.”

    Tove, Junior Cloud Consultant, Capgemini

    “Being an IgnITer, means you get the opportunity to create your own career path and the support needed to achieve that. You have the chance to try and learn, in a safe environment, with others wanting to do the same.”

    Victor, Data Engineer, Capgemini

     “IgnITe is a good kickstart to your career where you get to know and connect with a lot of new people, both Igniters and senior coworkers. We also have much fun on the activities within the program.”

    Nadja, Application Consultant, Capgemini

    “IgnITe offers a smooth transition from university to industry. As an IgnITer, I gained valuable skills while working on real client projects. With fun activities and a supportive community, Capgemini fosters personal and professional growth.”

    Tarkan, Application Consultant, Capgemini

    “Being an IgnITer has been an incredible journey of growth and discovery. Through this program, I’ve had the chance to learn, explore, and collaborate with talented individuals who share my passion for innovation and technology.”

      Choose your career path

      When applying to IgnITe, you choose a career path – a customized education and development program to build your skills in the field of your choice. It’s an aggregate of teacher-led training, certifications, and self-study from a wide range of educational materials that will boost your role as a consultant.

      At Digital Customer Experience (DCX), you get the opportunity to become part of our partners’ digital transformation journey. Together with innovative and sustainable technologies, we enhance, renew and make our most vital industries more efficient in their digital space. Our team is working with different advanced technologies among others Mulesoft, Cloud, RPA, UX, .Net and Java.

      Our projects entail a holistic approach where we change the ways of working, thinking and acting. This makes us an organization that is constantly finding ourselves in a state of development together with our clients.

      Join our career path as a Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager or Intelligent Automation Developer.

      Cloud and Infrastructure Services (CIS) is a cloud and cyber services provider, with the primary mission to be the digital transformational partner of choice for our clients. As the cloud and infrastructure market evolves, tremendous opportunities are opening for our services because of the clients’ requirements for standardization and automation on their journey to the cloud.

      We aim to help our clients to accelerate and optimize their business using public, multi, and hybrid cloud services. We work globally across large industries such as the public sector, automotive and retail.

      Join our career path as Cloud & Infrastructure Services Consultant or Cyber Security Consultant.

      At Insights & Data we help our customers to succeed with data-driven decision-making. Our consultants work within a wide range of competence areas such as Advisory, Data Engineering, Visual Analytics and Data Science. Our broad offering within data means you will have endless possibilities to grow your career.

      We are the Nordic leader within our expertise. In Sweden, we are 300 Data-, AI- and analytics experts. Still, our local communities are substantial – and you will quickly feel a sense of belonging, albeit our size.

      Join our career paths as a Junior Data Engineer or Business Analyst.

      Financial Services in Stockholm is part of a global organization within Capgemini. Our specialists provide a complete range of technology services to help our clients capture sustainable business results. Financial Services focus on key financial services domains: banking, capital markets, insurance, cards & payments, wealth & asset management, and risk management & compliance.
      The practice in Stockholm continues to grow and you can join our career path as a Business Analyst.

      Packaged Based Solutions (PBS) consists of a dynamic team with ERP consultants that work with the enhancement and implementation of ERP systems. We gather IT and Business with the help of SAP or Microsoft Dynamics 365. We help our clients to transform their units with the target of having more effective processes within finance, logistics and HR.

      We are primarily concerned with how our actions are affecting our climate. Together with our clients, we drive digital transformation to reach a more productive and sustainable future. Together with us, you will learn to grow and advance in an innovative culture, and get grand possibilities to work with complex global projects that accelerate your career in new and exciting ways.

      Join our career path as a junior ERP Application Consultant. 

      Capgemini Engineering is a global leader in Engineering and Research & Development services. We unleash R&D potential and innovation to help clients create smart products, optimized operations, new customers experiences and new sources of value.

      Not all heroes wear capes – but our employees help to make the world a better place. We do this by working in projects that save lives. Our consultants develop next generation 5G, ensure the quality of software apps for medical devices, develop and test driver assistance functions in cars and so much more. Our clients are big international organizations, as well as local public organizations and Nordic startups.  

      Join our career path as a Mechanical Engineer/Design Engineer, Software Developer or Life Science Quality Consultant.

      The application for 2023 is closed and the seats are filled for the start in September. Soon the application for the IgnIte Graduate Program 2024 will open, so stay tuned!

      Submit your CV and preferably a cover letter in your application to use.

      The test is carried out digitally and takes about 60 minutes to complete. It will be one logical and one personality section. Please note that this is one part of several steps in the procedure.

      We will call and ask some general questions regarding your interest in Capgemini and our IgnITe Program. We are also curious to find out what kind of future you want!

      This is a programming test where you decide the language to code in. It is a digital programming test which you conduct by yourself at home. The test is divided into three different problems that you will be asked to solve. This is challenging but try your best!

      Your first interview will take place at our office or via Teams. Here you will meet you future Team Manager as well as colleagues. We will tell you more about us, the IgnITe Program and are excited to hear more about you and your goals for the future. 

      We will ask you to provide us one or two references in the end of your recruitment process. Usually, we ask for a previous team leader or colleague. Once we receive their contact information, we will reach out and ask some general questions.

      Once all steps in the recruitment process are completed with success, we will schedule a meeting where we give you a contract proposal and go through our corporate benefits.

      Why should I work for Capgemini?

      That’s the most common and perhaps also the most important question that candidates ask us during the recruitment process. A great balance between work and home life, firm focus on good health, and a strong and inclusive community spirit bringing together 350,000 colleagues from all across the globe – this is just some of what you get when you are part of Capgemini! 

      We are all unique individuals. Some of us are keen on sustainability projects while others like to work with the very latest cutting-edge technology. Capgemini’s size combined with our broad range allows us to offer a variety of projects that suit a wide spectrum of tastes and interests. What’s most important is that all employees should find their own unique path to an interesting and fulfilling career and future, with our company providing support throughout that journey. 

      Join us and get the future you want

      Latest technology

      Get the opportunity to work with the latest technology and use it to transform some of the world’s biggest companies and societies at their core. Wish we could tell you more, but most of our work is so groundbreaking it must be kept secret.

      Training library

      With our training library of over 250 000 courses and certifications, the opportunities at Capgemini are truly infinite. Learn French, get certified in Cloud or take a course in business management at Harvard – free for all our employees.

      Make a difference

      You get the chance to be involved in projects that make a real difference. Be it preventing flooding, geotargeting of whales, COVID-19 infection tracing, or making digital competence accessible to children regardless of background. In 2021 we received a top platinum environmental sustainability rating by Ecovadis, and the Ethisphere Institute recognized us as one of the world’s most ethical companies for the ninth consecutive year.

      The application for 2023 is closed and the seats are filled for the start in September. Soon the application for the IgnIte Graduate Program 2024 will open, so stay tuned!

      Come and meet us

      12 October at KTH in Stockholm

      D-Dagen is one of the largest fair for Computer Science in the Nordics. Take the opportunity to meet Capgemini and Capgemini Engineering and learn more about our trainee program, and how you can get the future you want in computer science.

      13 October at Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm

      The one and only graduate trainee conference in Sweden. Learn more about Capgemini Sweden’s top graduate trainee program, IgnITe, here as a student or recent graduate. During this event you can network, attend seminars, and make invaluable contacts for your future career.

      9 November at Uppsala University in Uppsala

      Meet our representative from Capgemini and Capgemini Engineering at the career day for technology and science students at Uppsala University.

      14 November at Chalmers in Gothenburg

      DatE-IT is a labor fair aimed towards students studying in the fields of computer engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and medical engineering. At Chalmers, there are around 2000 students divided into these 4 areas. The fair is therefore a great opportunity for you too meet us at Capgemini and Capgemini Engineering and learn more about our trainee program.

      14-15 November at Lund University in Lund

      ARKAD is the annual career fair arranged by the Student Union at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. It is one of the largest career fairs in Scandinavia and here you can meet Capgemini and Capgemini Engineering to learn more about how you can get the future you want.

      24 November at Chalmers in Gothenburg

      This is a career fair organized by the Mechanical Engineering and Automation & Mechatronics sections. Meet representative from Capgemini and Capgemini Engineering to learn more about our trainee program.

      Capgemini is being awarded


        TraineeGuiden has an annual survey among top students at universities around Sweden to vote for – Sweden’s most popular Trainee Program 2022.

        Karriärföretagen – Top 10 Trainee Program

        Every year, the career companies’ ambassador network votes for the 10 most attractive trainee programs among all of Sweden’s career companies.


        A ranking of the 50 companies that are investing in their talent and helping people build careers that will set them up for long-term success.


        Capgemini has been ranked as Sweden’s seventh-best employer in a survey conducted by Universum. 


        Award for employers that offer unique opportunities for both students and those already working.

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          Emma is in charge for communication around the Capgemini IgnITe Graduate Program towards students in Sweden. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact her!