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IgnITe Graduate Program


Are you a curious problem solver that wants to shape your own future? If your answer is yes, Capgemini’s trainee program IgnITe is the perfect start to your career.

IgnITe gives you a unique opportunity to kick-start your career. It nurtures young talent and helps you make the most of your ideas and ambitions. During 12 months you will develop the skills you need to succeed as a consultant in IT, management, or engineering. You will be working with the world’s leading brands on various projects to enhance and transform the way they do business. In addition to this, you will have time for cutting-edge learning and the chance to work alongside experienced professionals, giving you the experience, you need to get the future you want.

We believe you are pursuing or within one year of graduation from a full-time bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, data/computer science, engineering, business, advanced vocational education or similarly.

The IgnITe recruitment process will open during the fall 2024. Stay tuned!

What to expect

  • 12 months of training and certifications adapted to your skills. You will develop the consultancy techniques you need to succeed in your career.
  • Collaborations with prominent partners, among others Microsoft, Google, Amazon, SAP, Salesforce, MuleSoft, PEGA, Adobe and UiPath.
  • Possibility to work with the latest technology and gain experience from various projects.
  • Support by a mentor whose role is to challenge, encourage and guide you.
  • Support by your peers, when joining IgnITe you become a part of a close-knit group of people who, like you, recently graduated and share an interest for the power of technology.
  • Multinational network of more than 350.000 of the brightest minds in the industry to inspire you.
  • Encouraging work-life balance, support in achieving your potential both inside and outside the office.
  • Permanent full-time employment and a competitive salary, as well as great benefits.
  • Our training library of over 250 000 courses and certifications, makes the opportunities at Capgemini truly infinite. Learn French, get certified in Cloud or take a course in business management at Harvard – free for all our employees. 
  • Awarded, our trainee program is awarded as top five in Sweden by Karriärföretagen and certified by TraineeGuiden.

    Nadja, Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant

    “IgnITe offers a smooth transition from university to industry. As an IgnITer, I gained valuable skills while working on real client projects. With fun activities and a supportive community, Capgemini fosters personal and professional growth.”

    Murad, Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant

    ”Capgemini’s trainee program is not merely shaping the future – it serves as a catalyst for the spark of ingenuity and excellence. We collectively unlock potential, sculpt careers, and author our unique narratives – thereby getting the future you want.”

    William, Business Analyst

    “IgnITe has given me a deeper understanding of the field and a lot of experience. If you want secure employment at a company that cares deeply about its employees, Capgemini is a perfect choice.”

    Tove, Cloud Consultant

    “Being an IgnITer, means you get the opportunity to create your own career path and the support needed to achieve that. You have the chance to try and learn, in a safe environment, with others wanting to do the same.”

    Victor, Data Engineer

     “IgnITe is a good kickstart to your career where you get to know and connect with a lot of new people, both IgnITers and senior coworkers. We also have much fun on the activities within the program.”

    Erika, Cyber Security Consultant

    “IgnITe provides the support you need to establish a solid foundation for your career. The opportunities I have gained through the program have allowed me to develop my knowledge and grow within the company.”

    Amanda, Software Engineer

    “Ignite presents a unique chance to undergo a comprehensive training program, in parallel with challenging client projects. This allows you to directly apply your learnings in real-world scenarios and make a meaningful impact on business-critical projects.”

      Choose your career path

      When applying to IgnITe, you choose a career path – a customized education and development program to build your skills in your field of choice. It provides a holistic introduction to your career that includes teacher-led training, certifications, and self-study from a wide range of educational materials that will boost you as a consultant. They are all designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and get the future you want. We also offer you the change to work alongside experienced professionals, giving you the hands-on experience, you need to excel in your field.

      Do you have a background in data technology, informatics, software engineering, computer science, robotics or embedded systems? Then Software Engineer is something for you!

      As a Software Engineer, you will be part of developing new systems and improving existing ones, but your role is not just about writing code. You will be involved in the entire IT project lifecycle, from listening to customer demands to ideation, creation and finalizing products.

      Problem-solving is an essential part of your everyday life, and you will constantly be developing your skills and expertise in the field. To ensure that the career path suits your unique interests and strengths, we offer two specializations within Software Engineering:

      • Digital Customer Experience and Cloud & Customer Applications: As a Software Engineer within DCX/C&CA, you will focus on developing digital customer experiences, with techniques such as Java, .NET, and JavaScript, among other languages. Providing you with the skills, you need to develop and influence architecture on platforms such as Azure, AWS and GCP.
      • Financial Services: As a Software Engineer within Financial Services, you will work as a java-developer with some of the largest banks, insurance companies and financial institutions in Sweden. Some assignments primarily touches monetary flows within the finance industry such as payments, transfers, reporting and regulatory requirements. Other assignments may be more tailored towards claims, fraud, and transition-and-transformation. Either way you will be working in some of the latest technologies available to help our clients excel in their business.
      • Engineering: If you are more interested in embedded software, we recommend applying to our Engineering department. Here, your focus will lie on design, development and implementation using programming languages such as Embedded C, C++, and Linux. You will work on projects within industries, life science or automotive.

      This role suits you with a technical interest and an educational background in IT. It is advantageous if you have previous experience within the IT sector.
      As a Technical Business Analyst/Project Manager at Capgemini, you will analyze our customer needs and convert them into IT requirements. This means being involved in everything from gathering requirements to delivering the finalized solution, including realizing the business value.
      Together with the rest of the development team you will run workshops, mapping processes, and verify the outcome. Another part of the role is to drive initiatives and follow up on progress. You will work closely with the rest of the team to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers’ needs and convert them into detailed IT requirements.
      We understand that everyone has different passions and interests, which is why we offer two specializations within this role. You get to choose which path that is right for you and develop the skills to make a real impact:

      • Insights & Data: Here, you will help our clients become more data-driven in their decision-making by identifying opportunities, analyzing needs, gathering requirements, and educating stakeholders within the domain of data, analytics, and AI. This is a client-facing role where you will utilize strong technical and communication skills to bridge the gap between business and IT.
      • Digital Customer Experience and Cloud & Custom Applications: At Digital Customer Experience and Cloud & Custom Applications we operate in the complete IT landscape for our clients. It may span from the company website but could also include chatbots, mobile apps, or any other touchpoints with the client’s customers, all the way over to their supply chain or people experience solutions.

      This role suits you with an interest in cloud, network, and infrastructure, and an education within computer science or a polytechnical education with an increased focus on Cloud solutions. If you already have experience working with Cloud, that is even better!

      As a Cloud and Infrastructure Services Consultant you will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge cloud technologies and help our customers on their journey to the cloud. You will be at the forefront of our customers’ transformation journey and work with exciting technologies like DevOps, Azure, AWS, and GCP. Your expertise will help shape our customers’ cloud solutions and drive their success. 

      This role is perfect for you with an education in computer science or similar, preferably with a focus on security. If you already have experience working within the security field, that is even better!

      As a Cyber Security Consultant at Capgemini, you are a vital part of our customers’ journey to the Cloud. You will help define their cybersecurity strategy and protect their assets, defend their enterprise, and safeguard their business. And work on exciting new projects in the fields of IAM, OT-security, DevSecOps, and more, all depending on your interests. 

      Enterprise Resource Planning is a broad field, and this is a versatile role. So, whether your background is in finance, supply chain management, or computer science, we look forward to hearing from you. Previous experience working in an ERP system is a great advantage, but an interest in optimizing business processes is also highly valued.

      This role is perfect for you who enjoy business optimization and a fast-paced environment. As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultant, you will have the opportunity to work with SAP and Dynamics 365; two software solutions that integrate and manage large companies’ core business processes. Such as finance, human resources, supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM).

      You will be the vital link between business and IT. Your responsibilities include analyzing the client’s business processes, identifying requirements, mapping those requirements to the ERP system’s capabilities, and configuring the system to suit their needs.

      We recognize that every consultant has a unique set of skills. That is why we offer two specializations within ERP consulting to cater to your individual interests: 

      • Functional consulting: If you prefer working with business processes within SAP.
      • Technical consulting: If software developing is your strong side you can work with ABAP development tools.

      If you have a passion for data and want to help clients make informed decisions, then the role of Data Engineer might be perfect for you! With an education in areas like data & AI, statistics, or data analytics, you will be well-prepared to tackle this exciting role.

      As a Data Engineer, you will play a key role in developing technical solutions that optimize data-driven decision-making. This includes preparing data, creating structure, integrations, consolidation, cleansing of the data, and building data pipelines to bring together data from different source systems. You will collaborate closely with clients to achieve the best possible solutions by creating superior data quality, so being able to gather demands and understand their challenges is key.

      To excel in this role, you will need to enjoy problem-solving and have a keen interest in data and coding. We will help you nourish that interest and give you the opportunity to work with technologies such as SQL, and platforms like Azure, GCP, and AWS. Already have experience within this? Even better!  

      Looking to take on an exciting role that will allow you to explore your interest in design and development? If you have an educational background in mechanical engineering, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

      As a Mechanical Design Engineer, you will work with product development towards some of our biggest in the Swedish industry and automotive domain. You will use your skills in CAD and engineering design processes to bring ideas to life, thus knowledge of CATIA V5 and Solid works is a definite plus! 

      If you have a background in life science, such as engineering biotechnology, chemical engineering or biomedical engineering, then this role is perfect for you. As a member of our team, your focus will be on ensuring high quality and safety for pharmaceuticals or medical devices. Experience in the life science industry is a huge plus!

      An eye for the details while also knowing the bigger picture will help you thrive in this role as you will work with our clients on everything from compiling documentation to ensuring that their processes meet quality standards. At Capgemini, we place high value on knowledge within the life science industry, including development and production. You will work with multiple regulations and standards, such as MDR, GxP, and/or ISO 13485. 

      Join our events

      Don´t miss out on the opportunity to participate in an evening filled with invaluable insights and career inspiration. Connect with our recruiters, consultants, and leaders – enabling you to freely inquire about any question you may have.

      During this innovative event, we will network and discuss a common topic. Together with others, you will visualize your ideas by building 3-dimensional Lego-models, it’s serious play.

      Are you ready to get the future you want? This webinar is aimed for you graduating soon! Take the chance to learn more about Capgemini, life as a consultant, and our trainee program.


      Explore the perspectives of our Igniters. How do they experience the life of being a consultant, our graduate program – IgnITe and Capgemini. They generously share their insights, ranging from the initiation of their careers as junior consultants to their involvement in a thriving global company.


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