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Capgemini Sweden pension Trust

Capgemini Sweden is a part of the general collective agreement and thereby follow the collective agreement pension plan. Pensions from acquired companies that are outside the pension plan are secured in mother company guarantees as well as a pension trust

The purpose of the pension fund is to secure pension commitments on pensions granted by Capgemini Sweden AB, its employees or their survivors. The foundation’s task is to secure both commitments that are included in general pension plan as other commitments. Decisions on the formation and adoption of statutes were made by Capgemini Sweden AB on April 19, 2005. The foundation was registered with the County Administrative Board in Stockholm County on November 22, 2005.

The staff foundation’s affairs are handled by a board consisting of at least four members. Members are elected for a period of one year to an equal number of the employer and the employees covered by the foundation’s purpose. The chairman is appointed by the board members, however, that the supervisory authority appoints the chairman in the cases provided for by § 16 of the Act on the safeguarding of pension commitments etc. (the Security Act).

Name: Capgemini Sverige AB:s Pensionsstiftelse
Org. Nr: 802424-8968
Address: c/o PRI Stiftelsetjänst AB (1507) Box 5390 40 228 Göteborg
Telephone: 031-778 30 40

Current member of the pension board are:

  • Chairman and Employer representative – Sanaz Andersson Mashayekhi
  • Employer representative – Ann Hellenius
  • Employee representatives – Adis Katkic & Krister Wiberg

Regarding principles for shareholder directives
Capgemini pension trust invests in shares that are traded on a regulated market. The Pension Foundation has chosen not to adopt principles for shareholder engagement in accordance with the 10th Act (1967: 531) concerning the safeguarding of pension commitments, etc. because the foundation has limited resources to monitor portfolio companies.

The funds that the pension fund invests in have been chosen because they provide an expected return and risk level that is in line with the pension fund’s investment strategy in the medium to long perspective.

If you want to get further information or a copy of Capgemini Sverige AB pension Trust’s annual report, statues or investment policy, please contact the Board members.