Capgemini Portugal EDMS Policy

Capgemini Portugal EDMS Policy

Capgemini Portugal has the Integrated Management System (IMS) which is the overall reference system for Capgemini Portugal activities, and by which the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, NP4457), ISO 20000, ISO 13485, ASPICE, TISAX Maturity Level 3 with Very High Protection and CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 and Level 5 certifications and maturity levels are assured.

The IMS quality system addresses mainly the commercial, administrative, and operational activities in Capgemini Portugal. IMS has its own policies and processes that are available in the quality system tools.

The Engineering Delivery Management System (EDMS) is part of the IMS, and is the reference system that addresses in depth and technically, project and service management related activities that must be performed to deliver a certain service, solution or product to the client, as well as, support activities that guarantee the success of engagements with responsibility (Supervised Staff Augmentation, Build and Run engagement types) within the Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D) Global Business Line in Capgemini Portugal (also known as Capgemini Engineering).

There are many intersection points between the two systems. Every time an EDMS process or activity is related to an existent IMS procedure, the EDMS refers to that IMS procedure avoiding as much as possible duplication of descriptions.

The processes described in the EDMS involve all ER&D stakeholders who are part of Bid, Delivery & Risk (BDR) engagements (projects and services), from directors and sales, to architects, experts, solution managers, engagement managers, engineering leaders,, and engineers. Clients and suppliers are also stakeholders in these engagements. They are involved, if there are Supplier Agreement Management activities and Engagement Management activities that require their participation. These stakeholders will have to provide some specific inputs to our processes, but mostly will benefit from well-structured and clear outputs that will contribute to engagements’ success.


    NP EN ISO 9001:2015

    The Quality Management Systems Standard

    ISO/IEC 20000:2018

    Information Technology Service Management System

    NP EN ISO 13485:2017

    Medical Device Quality Management Systems

    CMMIDEV / 3

    Projects follow the CMMIDEV / 3 reference methodology for developing and maintaining quality products.

    Automotive SPICE model V3.1 VDA NA

    Quality standard for evaluating business processes from a process safety and quality perspective

    TISAX model v5.0.4

    Information Security for the automotive industry