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Capgemini Portugal Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In Portugal, our aim is to integrate sustainability into all levels of our business. Our strategy focuses on managing and reducing our own environmental impacts whilst deploying our expertise in technology, engineering and business transformation to help clients address their own sustainability challenges.

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. Our business activities are delivered from our own network of offices and data centers, as well as at our clients’ premises. In the wake of a pandemic with a totally atypical reality, it has also made us reflect on the new working models that will influence and impact the way we work. With the Group’s New Normal program, we continue to reinvent the way we work and want to be at the forefront of developing agile workplaces, with approaches that allow flexibility for each individual while always considering the needs of our customers and their businesses.

More flexible working practices can also improve work-life balance; support diversity and inclusion in our workplace; enable us to respond to our customers’ needs in a more agile manner; attract and retain the best talent; and support our sustainability goals.

This policy statement applies to all offices and data centers managed by Capgemini Portugal, S.A., to all employees of this entity and to suppliers contracted by this entity. We recognize that our business activities have an impact on the environment and are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and working with our clients to help them reduce their environmental impacts.

We are committed to regularly consulting key stakeholders (primarily employees, customers and suppliers) on environmental issues and ensuring that our program is responsive to their feedback. We manage our environmental impacts through the implementation of a global environmental performance management system certified to ISO 14001:2015.

We are also committed to identifying and complying with all legal and other relevant requirements relating to the environmental impacts of our operations, and to preventing pollution through the adoption of appropriate controls.

To achieve our goals, we have defined a set of seven guiding principles:

Continuous Improvement – In our sphere of influence, we use the best practices available in the environmental field in a spirit of continuous improvement, seeking to always be above our expectations and those of our clients, in all aspects of the projects/services we design, implement and manage;
Client Satisfaction – In the spirit of collaboration that we establish with our clients, we seek to help them achieve tangible results in an efficient and sustainable way, based on the assessment of environmental impacts, performance and potential environmental risks;
Employee Satisfaction – Continuous development and preference for sustainable practices are fundamental values for Capgemini Portugal, to keep its employees motivated and supported;
Partnerships – We have procurement processes that ensure our suppliers and business partners provide products and services that help us meet our environmental objectives, namely regarding carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste;
Environmental legislation – Compliance with applicable local, national and international environmental legislation and other requirements to which the organization subscribes (e.g. Rule Book, regulations, etc.);
Internal Training – We consider the adverse environmental impacts of our organization and develop internal training and awareness programs with the objective of empowering and raising employee awareness of these issues;
Monitoring – We have established key performance indicators that allow us to monitor and evaluate progress.

To achieve our goals, we have defined a set of seven guiding principles:

Control of environmental impacts resulting directly or indirectly from our activity, giving priority to measures that prevent and reduce the production of waste and energy consumption;
Evaluation and continuous improvement of our environmental performance;
Influence we exert on our customers, partners, suppliers, employees and subcontractors
Implementation of initiatives to minimize travel (particularly air travel) and associated GHG emissions, without jeopardizing our ability to meet our customers’ requirements.

Performance against our objectives and targets, along with compliance with our Environmental Management System and this Environmental Policy, will be periodically reviewed by the Capgemini Sustainability Council in Portugal.

NOTE: Quality Policy, version 1.1, of 27 January 2023 & Environment Policy, version 1.1 of November 2021.


ISO 14001:2015

Global environmental performance management system