Capgemini Portugal Innovation Policy

Innovation Policy

Capgemini Portugal Innovation Policy is committed to promote Innovation activities as one of the competitive differentiating factors in the markets where it is present, since according to our innovation strategy and vision, it is a strategic issue for us, our clients and our stakeholders.

This policy relies on the following principles:

  • The Top Management of Capgemini Portugal is actively involved in defining the innovation strategy;
  • A culture of innovation is promoted in Capgemini Portugal at all organizational levels;
  • Stimulate and support the creation of new ideas and their development in a systematic and constant approach, aiming to strengthen competitive advantages and market positioning;
  • Promote the management of external interfaces and organization of innovation processes, in order to ensure the circulation and transfer of knowledge between the innovative activity of the organization and its environment;
  • Promote an objective-directed management and continuously monitor process indicators, to increase innovation performance within the organization and ensure its efficiency;
  • The PDCA methodology is used to ensure, through the cycle plan – do – check – act, the continuous improvement of the system;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of innovation activities, not only by adequately reacting to failures but also anticipating potential problems;
  • Ensure a high level of competence of all the employees by ensuring the development of the necessary skills for innovation;

This policy is regularly reviewed according to system indicators and outputs, stakeholders listening, and technology and trends surveillance. It is documented and communicated to internal and external stakeholders.


NP 4457:2021

Research, Development and Innovation Management Systems