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Client story

Eneco eMobility supercharges its customer care with generative AI

Client: Eneco eMobility
Region: Europe
Industry: Energy transition and utilities

Working with Capgemini, the charging services provider boosted agent productivity and enhanced the client service experience by introducing Microsoft Digital Contact Center and its Copilot in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service GenAI-powered solution

Client Challenge: As a fast-growing company, Eneco eMobililty was facing increasing pressure on customer service and was looking for a solution that could help serve its customers better, faster, and cheaper.

Solution: The team worked with Capgemini to implement Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center platform and Copilot to improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity and experiences.


  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction
  • Improved agent productivity, reducing the average wrap-up time by 50%
  • Higher case throughput
  • Reduced training time from four to just one hour to master the copilot-assisted functionality
  • Lower licensing costs by a factor of two

Eneco eMobility is one of the top three providers of smart charge points in the Netherlands and Belgium and has helped customers transition to electric vehicles (EV) for more than a decade. As it has grown rapidly, the number of EV customers the company supports has expanded, placing increasing pressure on its customer care operations to keep up with the volume and duration of demand, while consistently delivering a positive experience to both its customers and employees.

“With a lot more people transitioning to electric vehicles, our market is growing quickly, which means we need to serve an increasing number of charging customers,” explains Maarten van der Beek, Chief Technology Officer at Eneco eMobility. “To address this scaling challenge, it was vital that we provide our customer care agents with tools that would assist, automate, and simplify case processing to increase their efficiency and deliver greater value and volume at a reduced cost.”

Better productivity and experience with GenAI

Identifying an opportunity for growth and improvement, Eneco eMobility turned to Capgemini, with whom the organization had a pre-existing relationship. After reviewing the company’s existing systems, processes, and goals, the Capgemini team suggested an expansion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which the company had previously implemented to streamline sales and marketing. More specifically, Eneco eMobility and Capgemini saw value in the Copilot Gen AI-powered solution.

“We’d already had success implementing Microsoft Dynamics at Eneco eMobility,” says Peter Ruiter, Managing Solution Architect at Capgemini. “So, when we saw what they wanted to achieve, Microsoft Copilot felt like a natural extension of that success and the best approach to empower their agents and transform the way they work to achieve more efficiency, deliver more quality, and enjoy it along with the clients.”

“Capgemini provided the core technical capabilities in the design, implementation, and migration stages of the Copilot project. Their expertise helped smooth and speed the process” says Maarten van der Beek. “Beyond this project alone, Capgemini is a trusted partner for us that helps shape the future architecture of our company, in the past and for the future.”

“In this project, we prioritized adoption. Working side by side with the Eneco eMobility team, we operated as a single team throughout an iterative process that saw the solution developed, tested, and adjusted to fit Eneco eMobility’s needs. Having that kind of open communication and the willingness to experiment, critique, and adjust was central to making this effort and the delivery unique to them and our partnership.” says Peter Ruiter.

Start small, scale fast

The project started with a small group of the most knowledgeable agents, who tested and validated different portions of Copilot one by one. Just five weeks after the partners began ideation, Eneco eMobility and Capgemini rolled out the Microsoft Digital Contact Center to the first pilot groups. Since then, the customer care department has seen the time required to train new team members fall to as little as one hour, while costs have also decreased.

More importantly, the solution has transformed the employee experience and was adopted very quickly by agents, who reported higher levels of satisfaction. Copilot provides relevant customer relationship management (CRM) information to help coach agents through their calls. In addition, the solution enables live conversation summaries that make it easier and faster to conclude or hand off a case to the relevant team, who in turn receive summaries of ongoing queries to get a jump start on providing effective support. Copilot even provides a chat service that can help answer particularly challenging questions based on previous solutions.

“Copilot allows us to respond to customer requests faster and better by automatically linking to relevant knowledge base articles,” describes Maarten van der Beek. “In addition, the case summary functionality helped us increase efficiency within the customer care team by reducing the average case wrap-up time by almost 50% while still increasing customer satisfaction rates. The agents can now focus on the customers rather than the tasks they used to do while listening and responding to them.”

Having seen the success and impact of the Microsoft Digital Contact Center platform and the Gen AI-powered Copilot in Belgium, the partners have now released an expansion of the project to The Netherlands.

“We see Copilot and generative AI as much more than a technology implementation. It provides a vehicle as part of a much wider business and technology transformation to deliver new products, new services, and new lines of revenue and profit for our customers,” concludes Paul Harrison, Microsoft Digital Customer Experience Lead, Europe at Capgemini.

Do you want to learn more about how GenAI can transform your service organization and supercharge growth? Contact our expert team below to jumpstart your GenAI journey in service and beyond.

Meet our experts

Paul Harrison

Head of Microsoft Digital Customer Experience, Europe
Paul is a business leader who enables clients to reap maximum benefit from innovative yet pragmatic solutions across the breadth of the Microsoft platform. He works with global clients to drive business value and growth and empower customers and employees alike. He is a champion of using technology for good and driving positive change in our communities and the environment.

Arnaud Bouchard

Head of Strategic Deals and Business Development, Global Digital Customer Experience; Augmented Service offer Leader
With 22 years of strategic and operational consulting experience, Arnaud has been a transformative force since joining Capgemini Invent in 2010. He contributed to the launch the Marketing and Sales practice in France, leading to its evolution into Frog, and spearheaded DCX France, and managed the Automotive French Market Unit. Now in his current role, he focuses on boosting the business and technology transformation of our clients in the worldwide field of CX.

Naresh Khanduri

Global Generative AI for CX Lead, Capgemini
Naresh has been with group for more than 6 years now and has played multiple roles. In his current role as “Strategic Initiatives & Growth Lead – DCX” he is responsible for envisioning, designing and building strategic initiatives to help Capgemini differentiate and win in market place.

Peter Ruiter

Solution Architect Digital Customer Experience Microsoft MVP on Customer Service & Power Platform
Peter is a technical Solution Architect with more than 10 years of experience on Dynamics and the Power Platform. He has a deep understanding of Azure, integrations, DevOps and governance. He is on the forefront of Generative AI applications within the Customer Service space. With his pragmatic approach he is able to transform complex problems into simple solutions.

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