Intelligent, insight-driven, and sustainable – a new era for manufacturing. 

The new era of manufacturing is here. Whether your organization is focused on discrete or process manufacturing, manufacturers must rapidly adapt in response to changing market demands and technological innovation – while balancing efficient and sustainable operations.

Together we partner with our clients to connect digital technology with the engineering of complex devices, vehicles, and equipment, to develop and deliver a more intelligent manufacturing experience for their business.  

Our focus areas

We help our manufacturing clients adapt in a rapidly changing world with specialized services in the following areas: 

The aerospace and defense industries were delayed and, in some cases, have been significantly disrupted by the global pandemic. With the variable and inconsistent return of air travel in the post-pandemic era, they’re preparing for the future. 

Changing customer behaviors and expectations, new regulations, digitization, and societal pressure for sustainability have introduced a host of new and, at times, competing priorities for automotive companies. 

We are uniquely positioned to support the industrial manufacturing industry in staying competitive and innovative.

Life sciences organizations face a common challenge: to accelerate time to care – exponentially and at scale. To deliver on this front, the industry must go beyond simple process optimization and incremental changes, and instead embrace a bold vision of the future. 

Capgemini Engineering is the global leader in silicon design ER&D services, leveraging over 16 years of industry expertise to help semiconductor companies bring ICs to market.

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Meet our expert

Geir Ove Wist

Managing Solution Architect
Geir Ove Wist is a Managing Solution Architect with more than 24 years’ IT experience at leading companies in industry, pharmacy and retail. Driven, innovative and pragmatic problem-solver. Strong communication, collaboration and team leader skills across disciplines. He has participated in over 30 projects, mainly SAP related, ranging from developer and team lead to architect and project manager. Core competencies is within SAP Stack, with Business Warehouse, Business Objects, SLT, CAR and ERP as main areas the last years. In depth competence also in many other IT areas. Thrives performing in the intersection of different technologies and management.